Assistant Professor

Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)

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PhD (Motor Control and Learning, University of Rouen, France)

Graduate Degree in Applied Statistics (University of Paris XIII, France)

Master (Sport Science, University of Strasbourg, France)


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Research Interests
Complexity, Coordination, Dynamical Systems Theory, Motor Control and Learning, Movement Variability, Pedagogy

  • John graduated from the University of Strasbourg (France) in 2008 and joined the University of Rouen (France) to undertake postgraduate studies and complete a PhD in Motor Control and Learning with honors in 2013. He subsequently worked as a data scientist in the sports industry in the UK focusing on performance analysis in football, and came back to the academic in 2015 holding an assistant professor position of motor learning in Rouen (France). His research interests include the role of movement variability in investigating motor expertise and motor learning, interpersonal coordination and performance analysis in team games, as well as the application of a constraints-led approach in pedagogy.

    He also conducts research and practical work and education on the use of data and technology in sport performance analysis.