SUN Baoqi

Research Scientist

Office of Education Research (OER)

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PhD, Education, Nanyang Technological University / National Institute of Education, Singapore


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Research Interests
Bilingual Education, Biliteracy Development, Language Acquisition, Leisure Reading

  • Current Appointment

    • Research Scientist, Centre for Research in Child Development (2017 - Present)
    Previous Appointment

    • Research Fellow, English Language and Literature Academic Group, NIE (2016 - 2017)
    • Research Assistant, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, NIE (2012 - 2015)

    My research encompasses socio-cultural-cognitive and policy perspectives on language learning with particular focus on children’s bilingual education and biliteracy development. Within these broad perspectives, my research address three main issues: What are the underlying social, cognitive and linguistic factors for biliteracy development? How literacy instructional approaches can provide advancements or constraints in learning to read two languages? How do bi/multilingual community and school contexts influence and interact with home context to support bilingual learners? To address these research issues, I have examined bilingual home and school contexts in Singapore on topic of metalinguistic awareness, home literacy practices, leisure reading, and family language policy.  My interdisciplinary training has allowed me to incorporate different research approaches into my work and to contribute to the field of applied linguistics, literacy studies as well as general educational research.

  • Dr Sun Baoqi is an experienced language and literacy researcher with expertise in linguistics, socio-cultural-cognitive perspectives on language learning and bilingualism. She has a strong research record in designing and conducting both quantitative and qualitative studies.

  • (1) Graduate Level

    Course Code Course Title  Year(s) Taught 
    MED 872 / MED 900 Education Inquiry 2
    MPS 902 Cognitive Development and Assessment 1
    MED 902 Integrative Project 1

  • Bilingual Education, Biliteracy Development, Language Acquisition, Leisure Reading