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PhD (Cornell University)
MEd (Harvard University)
BMed & BSc (Peking University)


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Research Interests
Culture, Early Childhood, Emotion Understanding, Emotional Wellbeing, Middle Childhood, Parent-child Interaction, Temperament

  • Current Appointments

    Research Scientist, Centre for Research in Child Development (2018 – present)

    Previous Appointments

    Postdoc Associate, Rutgers University Newark (2017-2018)

    Teaching Assistant, Cornell University (2011-2015)


    Yang is interested in children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development in different cultural contexts. Her previous work has focused on the developmental patterns, the antecedents, and the consequences of children’s emotional understanding. As a Research Scientist at NIE, she is interested in studying Singaporean children’s emotional development from infancy to middle childhood. She also studies the relations between children’s emotional development and academic achievement, and investigates the factors that promote children’s emotional development and wellbeing, from individual factors (temperament) to environmental factors (culture, parent-child interaction, parenting practice).

  •  Emotion Recognition, Emotion Knowledge, Cross-cultural studies


    • Society for Research in Child Development (Member)

    • International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (Member)

    • Cognitive Science Society (Member)

    • Cognitive Development Society (Member)

  • (1) Graduate Level

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    Education Inquiry

    2019, 2020

    (2) Teacher Preparation/Diploma Level

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    Diversity in Early Childhood Education


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  • Cornell C.V. Starr Fellowship

    Cornell Human Development Department Summer Fellowship

    Cornell Human Development Department Doctoral Research Grant

    ISSBD-Jacobs Foundation Mentored Fellowship for Early Career Scholars

    Cornell Human Development Department Pre-Doctoral Research Grant

    ISSBD Travel Grant

    SRCD Travel Grant