Chang Xiao Ping Julian

Teaching Fellow

Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

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Research Interests
Geographical Field Inquiry, Histories of School Geography, Ideological Divides and Connections Between Academic and School Geography

  • Julian Chang has been seconded from the Ministry of Education (MOE) since 2016 as a Geography educator and he teaches the pre-service and in-service courses in Geography. Having taught in Serangoon Garden Secondary School, Deyi Secondary School and Dunman High School, he has experiences in teaching Geography at the ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels, as well as the Integrated Programme (IP) curriculum. He also actively engages in research related to geographical inquiry in the field, and the use of critical thinking pedagogies such as the use of Socratic seminars and productive classroom talk. He takes a keen interest in Geography textbook research and analysis.

    He is also an active member of the geography fraternity, and has served on the National Geography Competitions Steering Committee with MOE Humanities Branch from 2012-2018. He applies his interest in geographical field inquiry by designing fieldwork sessions for students in the Talent Development Programme (TDP) for Geography.  He currently serves as the Auditor of the Southeast Asia Geographers Association.