CHEN Zhong

Assistant Professor

Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

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Research Interests
molecular genetics, developmental biology, models for plant science education

  • Dr. Chen Zhong received BMedSc from Peking University in 2003 and PhD from National University of Singapore in 2010. He studied the formation of male gametophytes in flowering plants at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory during his Ph.D. After that he received EMBO long-term fellowship (ALTF 798-2009) to conduct postdoctoral research on regulatory mechanism and modeling of stem cell niche at Utrecht University, the Netherlands from 2010-2012. He came back to Singapore in 2012 and joined Department of Biological Sciences / Centre for BioImaging Sciences, National University of Singapore, working on developmental and regenerative biology. Currently Dr. Chen Zhong is an Assistant Professor at NSSE, NIE/NTU, and a Principal Investigator of Molecular Genetics Lab.

    Academic Background
    • BMedSc (2003) Peking University
    • PhD (2010) National University of Singapore
    Professional Organisations
    • European Molecular Biology Organization (fellowsNet member)
    • Chinese Association of Life-sciences in the Netherlands (member)
    • The Singapore Institute of Biology (President)
    • EMBO long-term fellowship (ALTF 798-2009)
    • Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship (2007)
    • AAB204 Molecular Biology
    • AAB432 Modern Biotechnology
    • AAB10C Basic Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
    • AAB20A Current Genetics
    • AAB40A Molecular Biotechnology
    • AAB40C Developmental Biology
    • AGE18E Bioinformatics and Bioimaging
    • MLS873 Analytical Tools and Techniques in Molecular Biology
    • MLS876 Seminars on Special Topics in Applied Plant Sciences
    • MLS878 Plant Molecular Genetics and Development
    Research Interests
    • Molecular genetics (biomarkers, molecular cloning, genetic engineering)
    • Developmental biology (stem cell, regeneration, double fertilization)
    • Plants and environment (plant responses to stress, phytoremediation, nanomaterials in plants)
    • Models for plant science education (Marchantia, C-fern, Arabidopsis)
    • MOE Tier1 (RP 1/14 CZ), Contribution of histone H3 variants and histone chaperones to epigenetic cell fate reprogramming in plant wound-induced regeneration (2015-2017)
    • AcRF (RI 3/13 CZ), Understanding the molecular mechanism of plant regeneration in tropical aeroponic system (2014-2017)
    • External (NTU-MSE-Facile Formu), Facile formulation for “moisturiser” for plants (2016)
    • Selected speech: Yan, A., Chen, Z. (2015). Exploration of epigenetic cell fate reprogramming in regeneration. Asia-Pacific Developmental Biology Conference 2015, China.
    • Jury of Singapore Delegation (2015). International Biology Olympiad, Denmark.
    • Selected speech: Chen, Z., Chan, Y.M., & Tan, A.L. (2014). A review on plant science education in Singapore. International Science Education Conference 2014, Singapore.
    • Keynote address: Chen, Z. (2014). Plant science education and research in a garden city – challenges and opportunities. Symposium on Biology Education and Research, China.
    • Invited speech: Chen, Z. (2014). Plant science education towards environmental sustainability. Eco-Schools SG Conference 2014, Singapore.
    • Keynote address: Chen, Z. (2014). Challenges of plant science education and research in a garden city. 25th Biennial Asian Association for Biology Education Conference, Malaysia.
    • Poster: Chen, Z. (2014). Unravel a root battle underground. 6th International Symposium on Physiological Processes in Roots of Woody Plants, Japan.
    • Invited speech: Chen, Z., Nie, X., Lin, S., & Berger, F. (2014). Exploration of the genetic network and epigenetic regulation underlying plant regeneration. International Conference on Next Generation Genomic View on Plants, Animals and Microbes, Singapore.
    • Keynote address: Chen, Z. (2013). Keep eyes open for green propagation on our planet: plant reproduction and regeneration. A Public Forum on DNA, Singapore.
    Lab Members
    • Ast Prof. CHEN Zhong (Principal Investigator)
    • Dr. Sandhya Rani VANAM (Research Assistant)
    • Dr. YAN An (Research Fellow)
    • Dr. BAO Dongping (Research Fellow)
    • Ms. GO Wen Ying (Master Student)
    • Ms. TAN Pei Yin Linda (Master Student)
    • Mr. LIAO ZeHuan (Undergraduate Student)
    • Ms. WONG Hui Min (Intern)
    • Ms. Regina MOK Li Chan (Intern)
    Immediate Vacancy -- Research Assistant
    Immediate PhD Vacancy with Scholarship
    • Waiver of tuition fee; monthly stipend SGD3000
    • PhD candidate working on the fields in plant molecular biology and genetics, particularly Epigenetics in Plant Wound-induced Regeneration
    Available Positions