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Associate Dean, Outreach and Engagement, GPL

Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL), English Language & Literature (ELL)

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Ph.D. (Linguistics), Purdue University, USA


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Research Interests
Academic Writing, Writing Instruction, Writing Teacher Identity

  • Yin Ling Cheung is an applied linguist who specializes in academic writing and writing instruction. Her unique contribution to academic writing and writing instruction is the development of a socio-cognitive and motivation-and-learning (SCML) model to teaching writing, whose novelty is to help students improve their writing by focusing on the rhetorical goal and thinking processes embedded in academic writing, assisted by ICT integrated into the pedagogy. Application of the SCML model for inducing productive self-directed and collaborative learning among primary school students is being supported by a competitive research grant (OER 09/17 CYL). Other ongoing projects include (i) investigating Singapore primary and secondary students’ perceptions, challenges and attainment in Chinese and Tamil composition writing: a comparative study on computer-based and paper-and-pen-based writing, and (ii) developing a new smartphone app with built-in predictive and prescriptive analytics. The app, called Mobile Education Networked Tutoring on Request (MENTOR), aims to understand tutoring (e.g., one-on-one consultation) needs of users and find best peer tutors for them. Her research has been funded by the NIE Academic Research Fund, the MOE Education Research Funding Programme, and the Singapore Millennium Foundation.

    Yin Ling teaches courses in academic writing at the National Institute of Education. She directs the Graduate Research and Academic Development (GRAD) Centre at the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning. The GRAD Centre ( provides comprehensive support to graduate students at NIE across all the 10 Academic Groups, covering vital skills such as academic writing, oral presentation, and statistical analysis. As a recognition for her teaching effectiveness, she was awarded the NIE Excellence in Teaching Commendation in 2015 and 2017, and the Nanyang Education Award (School), the highest honour conferred by Nanyang Technological University for teaching excellence at the School level, in 2015.

    • Academic writing
    • Writing instruction
    • Writing teacher identity

  • A/P Cheung Yin Ling has taught courses in her areas of research expertise across multiple programmes, including undergraduate and graduate levels as well as NIE’s Postgraduate Diploma in Education. She also supervises both graduate students as well as undergraduate research projects.

    Graduate Courses
    Academic Writing for Postgraduate Students       
    Research in Teaching Written Discourse
    Critical Inquiry

    Undergraduate Courses
    Understanding Writing
    Second Language Academic Writing
    Academic Discourse Skills
    Teaching Reading and Writing in the Primary School

    Postgraduate Diploma in Education
    Communication Skills for Teachers

    Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching
    Research in Teaching Written Discourse

    In-service Courses
    The How and Why of Expository Writing

    Educational Research
    Practicum Supervision
    Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA)

  • A/P Cheung Yin Ling has supervised graduate students in the areas of academic writing, writing instruction, and sociolinguistics.

    PhD Supervision


    Sun Xiaoya (sole supervisor): Linguistic mediation in Chinese science academics’ scholarly publication in English

    Zhang Weiyu (sole supervisor): Multiple profiles of voice in published research articles: A corpus-based comparative study of disciplinary writing practices

    Zhang Hui (main supervisor): Multilingual landscape in Singapore Chinatown: Language attitudes and perceptions of the walkers


    Lam Tsui Eu Sandra (graduated 2019; sole supervisor): A multiple case study of second language writers’ response to and use of teacher and peer feedback in a web-based feedback platform

    Master (by coursework) Supervision

    Wang Hailong (current): The rhetorical functions of nouns in academic written discourse: A metadiscursive perspective

    Xia Yun (current): A Socio-cognitive and motivation-and-learning approach to improving the writing quality for primary students in Singapore

    Ng Lai Fun (graduated 2019): Logical thinking in Secondary School Students’ Essays

    Louwena Lau Seok Wan (graduated 2018): Authorial voice in academic writing: A comparative study of first person pronouns in English Literature and Computer Science journal articles

    Srividhya Mohan (graduated 2018): The effectiveness of written error feedback in writing for young children

    Huang Rui (graduated 2016): Voice analysis of published medical research articles using ENGAGEMENT resources in APPRAISAL theory

    Zhang Weiyu (graduated 2016): Voice analysis of published research articles in the field of second language writing

    Yeo Kirk Boone (graduated 2016): A genre-based approach to writing in an upper primary science classroom

    Lee Jiak Peng Audrey (graduated 2015): The impact of intensive teaching of coherence-creating mechanisms on local and global coherence in English as second language expository essays

    Jang Hari (graduated 2015): Effects of the patterns of dyadic interaction on second language learning through collaborative writing between young ESL learners

    Low Tze Hui (graduated 2014): Writing with conviction: An analysis of rhetorical moves in discursive essays using the engagement and textual systems in systemic functional linguistics

    Kang Shuangjuan (graduated 2013): A contrastive study of plagiarism and patchwriting between outstanding Chinese MA dissertations and published western MA dissertations in applied linguistics