Clarence Gerald GREEN


English Language & Literature (ELL)

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Research Interests
Corpus linguistics, Digital Humanities, Disciplinary Literacy, Psycholinguistics, Statistics and Research Methods, Syntax

  • Dr Clarence Green currently lectures in Psycholinguistics, Corpus Linguistics and Research Methods at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. He holds a PhD in linguistics (University of Melbourne) and his research interests include the cognitive psychology of language, corpus linguistics, disciplinary literacy, literary stylistics and cognitive-functional grammar. His research has appeared in journals such as Cognitive Linguistics, Language and Literature, English for Specific Purposes, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Functions of Language, and Literary and Linguistic Computing. His recent book, Patterns and Development in the English Clause System (2017), is an examination of English clause grammar from a usage-based linguistics perspective.

    His current psycholinguistic research explores how the forms and functions of language interact with other cognitive domains, particularly working memory, and his corpus research involves using corpora to explore the language of academic disciplines, including literature, and produce pedagogical resources for enhancing disciplinary literacy.

  • Graduate Courses:

    MAE 836/921 Psycholinguistics

    MAE 910/815 Corpora in Applied Linguistics

    MED 900 Educational Inquiry (Research Methods)

    MED 871 Educational Inquiry (Quantitative Research Methods)


    Post-Graduate Diploma/Undergraduate Courses:

    QUE 501 Language Studies for Teachers

    QUE 513 Pedagogical Grammar

    QLK50A Practical Pronunciation

    ALK201/CST 501 Communication Skills


  • Chen Lang (Co-supervisor). Thesis (2018-current). Title: Dominant Semantic Frames in the Genre of Research Articles. Doctor of Philosophy.

    Mahaletchumi Sivalingam (Sole Supervisor). Dissertation (2019- ongoing): Topic: Construction Grammar: Understanding Argument Structure Construction in L1 and L2 Language Users. Master of Arts.

    Lan Fang (Sole Supervisor). Dissertation (2019- ongoing). Topic: Literature and Academic Vocabulary. Master of Arts

    Ng Sook Mun (Main Supervisor). Dissertation (2018- current). Title:  The Role of Language Proficiency and Individual Differences in False Memories. Master of Arts.

    Norhikmah Sohoi (Sole Supervisor). Dissertation (2017-current). Title: The Representation Of Inclusion, Cohesion And Integration In Newspapers: A Corpus-Driven Study. Master of Education.

    Linda Tay. (Sole Supervisor). Dissertation (2018- current). Title: Bilingual Processing Of Formulaic Sequences. Master of Arts.

    Fudlana Mayatim (Main Supervisor). Dissertation (2018- current). Title: Representations Of The Middle East In 16th To 20th Century Western Travel Writing: A Corpus Analysis. Master of Arts.

    Christopher Ludwig: Completed 2018. (Sole Supervisor). Dissertation. Title: Investigating The Acquisition Of Formulaic Language And Vocabulary From Extensive Input: A Psycholinguistic And Corpus Study. Master of Arts.

    Carolyn Qiu.  Completed 2018. (Sole Supervisor). Dissertation. Title: A Comparison Of Phrasal Verbs In Singapore English With British And American English. Master of Arts.