DENG Zongyi

Associate Professor

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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  • PhD (Michigan State)
  • MEd (South China Normal)
  • BSc (Guangzhou);


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Research Interests
Curriculum Making, Curriculum Content or Subject matter, Didactics (or Didaktik), Educational Policy and Chinese Education

  • Zongyi Deng is an associate professor at National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is also an executive editor of Journal of Curriculum Studies (JCS)—the premier international journal in the curriculum field. His interest areas include curriculum content or subject matter, curriculum theory, didactics (Didaktik), comparative and international education, and Chinese education.




    • Wah Ching Centre of Research on Education in China, Hong Kong University. Honorary Research Associate.
    • Journal of Curriculum Studies (JCS). Executive editor.
    • Asia-Pacific Journal of Education. Member of the International Advisory Board.

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