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Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)

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Dance Education, Movement Education

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    • Senior Lecturer
    • Staff Welfare Coordinator
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    Leong Lai Keun was the recipient of the Carl Wolz Award for dance education at the University of Hawaii. She was awarded the NIE Excellence in teaching commendation in 2007, the Nanyang Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008 and the Nanyang Education Award (College) in 2013. She has been inducted into the Fellow of the Teaching Excellence Academy, NTU in 2014. She sits in the advisory group of the UNESCO NIE CARE. She was a member of the Dance Syllabus Working Committee in 1989 and has assisted in the planning and implementation of the dance syllabus in schools. She has conducted numerous creative dance and folk dance workshops for teachers in schools. Her latest publication Teaching Creative Dance: an Integrated Approach aims to provide teachers with hands on integrated approach to teaching dance. She is one of the editors for Teaching and Learning in Physical Education Insights and Case Studies published in 2011. She also contributes yearly to the school community as one of the adjudicators for the SYF central judging for the western and international dance category.

    • MA (Dance, University of Hawaii, USA)
    • BSc (Physical Education, University of Oregon, USA)