GUO Libo


English Language & Literature (ELL)

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PhD (NUS, 2004)


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Research Interests
Systemic functional linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis, language development, multiliteracies.

  • Libo GUO is an Assistant Professor in the English Language & Literature Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research and teaching interests are in systemic functional linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis, language development and multiliteracies. His works have appeared in Journal of adolescent & adult literacy, RELC journal, and refereed book chapters. He was on the editorial review board of Journal of adolescent & adult literacy (2006-2012) and is one of the managing editors and book review editors of Pedagogies: An international journal.

  • MA/MEd courses: Systemic functional linguistics, classroom discourse analysis, developing competence in writing and grammar.

    BA courses: Research methods, systemic functional grammar, academic discourse skills, using IT in the language classroom, exploring the grammar of English.

    PGDE course:  Pedagogical grammar of English.

  • Lee Mui Kwang Joyce, 'Exploring a social semiotic approach to multimodal composition in the classroom', MA, graduated 2012; Zeng Yi, 'An investigation of authority construction through the use of reporting clauses in discussion sections of Chinese students' MA dissertations in Singapore and China', MA, graduated 2013; Bi Xiaofang, 'Teachers' questioning in Singapore classrooms: A corpus-based investigation', PhD (co-supervisor is Dr Hong Huaqing), on-going.