Hanin Binte HUSSAIN


Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)

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Research Interests
Complexity thinking in education, Curriculum, curriculum leadership, early childhood curriculum, Educational leadership, emergent curriculum, Emergent research methodologies, Learning in through and about ICT in the early childhood curriculum, Physically active play/early childhood physical education, Play in children and adults, professional leadership, Self-study (individual and collaborative) pedagogical research, Teachers’ professional learning and development, Teaching and learning, work-based professional learning

  • I have been both a primary school teacher and an early childhood teacher and have taught in Singapore and New Zealand.  I enjoy teaching, designing and developing courses/programmes, as well as playing with ideas related to these.  Now, as a teacher-educator, I underpin the various aspects of my teaching with an intention to foster both learning experiences and outcomes with my students in ways that are meaningful and transformative for all us.

  • Early Childhood Education (0-8 years old), specifically in the following areas:

    • Curriculum, especially emergent curriculum, curriculum design, curriculum development

    • Physically active play or early childhood physical education

     Complexity thinking and complex systems in education

     Teachers’ professional learning and development

     Reflective practice, and practice-based research

     Emergent methodologies in research

    • Play in children and adults
    • Assessment
    • Communities of practice, work-based professional learning
    • Experiential learning, adventure education, outdoor education
    • Educational change including transitions
    • Educational leadership, curriculum leadership, professional leadership
    • Self-study, action learning, appreciative inquiry
    • Teaching and learning in higher education settings

  • Association for Early Childhood Educator (Singapore)

  • Higher degree courses:

    • MEC806 Curriculum design and development in early childhood
    • MEC808 Assessment in early childhood education
    • MEC803 Research investigations in early childhood
    • MED872 Educational inquiry II
    • MMM800 Critical inquiry
    • Advanced Diploma in Teaching Early Primary School Years courses:
    • IEC4027 Overview of the developments and issues in early childhood education
    • IEC4028 Curriculum development and assessment practices for early years learners

     In-service courses:

    • IEC0019 Nurturing early learners framework for mother tongue languages

    Undergraduate courses:

    • AED231 Diversity, inclusivity and reflective practice
    • AED19A Practices and issues in early childhood education

  • Zahirah Bee Bte Abdul Majeed (Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance))

    Lynette Teo Hui Xi (Master of Education)

  • 2013. University of Canterbury Vice-Chancellor’s General Staff Professional Development Award. For the project “Fostering professional learning journeys”.

    2013. University of Canterbury Health and Well-being Award. For the project “Developing a complex system for managing health and safety at

    Early Years Care and Education Centres”.

    2008. University of Canterbury Doctoral Scholarship.

    2007. University Prize, University of Canterbury.

    2006. TeachNZ Early Childhood Scholarship, Ministry of Education (New Zealand).

    2005. John Doran Fees Scholarship, Christchurch College of Education.

    1993 Singapore National Youth Council-Outward Bound Singapore Award, Ministry of Social Development (Singapore).