Jasvinder Kaur

Teaching Fellow

Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

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Research Interests
Professional Development of Teachers as Well as In Pedagogical Approaches Related to Social Studies

  • Ms Jasvinder Kaur is a Social Studies educator with 20 years of experience. Her interests are in the professional development of teachers as well as in pedagogical approaches related to Social Studies.

    Ms Kaur has had a wide range of experience prior to her stint in NIE. This includes working as a curriculum planning officer in CPDD and serving as HOD Humanities in a secondary school. In her capacity as Teaching Fellow, she teaches across a range of courses dealing with pedagogy and assessment. She has also been involved in professional development courses for teachers over the years.

    Ms Kaur also serves as a co-coordinator for the Singapore Kaleidoscope module which is offered to all PGDE students in NIE. She was actively involved in the conceptualization and development of this module.

    An active member of the Social Studies teaching fraternity, Ms Kaur also serves as the Secretary for the Singapore Association for Social Studies Education (SASSE).