Jennifer Pei-Ling TAN

Senior Lecturer (Senior Research Scientist)

Assistant Dean, Learning Analytics & Knowledge Mobilisation

Office of Education Research (OER)

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PhD, MEd (Language and Literacy), MBus (Research, Information Systems), GDipTESOL, BAcc (Honours)


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Research Interests
Creativity & 21st Century Competencies, Learning Technologies & Analytics, Innovation Diffusion, Culture and Identity, New Literacies Studies

  • Dr. Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan is Assistant Dean (Learning Analytics and Knowledge Mobilisation), Programme Director (21st Century Competencies and Motivation), and Senior Research Scientist (21st Century Literacies and Learning) at the Office of Education Research, NIE Singapore.

    Having spent the early years of her professional life in the assurance and business advisory field with firms such as Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, Dr. Tan brings a unique combination of business, strategy and management skills to bear in her current role as an applied educational researcher and innovator. Dr. Tan specialises in techno-pedagogical innovations and learning analytics aimed at fostering 21st century skills and dispositions in learners.

    She now has more than 15 years of professional experience working with schools, governments and industry partners to design, implement, and evaluate technology-enhanced teaching and learning initiatives, across public and private, national and international K-12 and tertiary education sectors in Singapore and Australia. She currently holds a S$2.5M research portfolio in competitive funding and government-commissioned projects, that sees her working closely with local and international collaborators comprising school practitioners, academics and policymakers. Dr. Tan’s expertise in learning innovations, 21st century literacies and mixed methods research has led to a number of invited keynotes and speaking engagements in Singapore and internationally, in both academic and industry settings. These include education innovations for 21st century learning outcomes (IGE, 2013), the potential of big data and learning analytics for transforming teaching and learning (WISE, 2013), and assessing and fostering collaborative creativity and criticality in learners (MOE, 2014; AHS, 2015; NAS, 2015).

    Prior to her current role, she was Vice President (Academics, Education Sciences) at a multi-billion dollar private investment firm where she led a small team of educationists to develop, implement and evaluate a suite of curriculum and teacher professional development products aimed at fostering creativity and well-being in learners in low-income Asian countries. For two years before that, she held the role of Global Research Manager at the International Baccalaureate Organisation, a leading not-for-profit education foundation committed to developing internationally-minded and well-rounded young people. In this role, she designed and implemented several global evaluation studies to examine the impact of IB educational programmes on student learning outcomes and teacher pedagogical practices. From 2004-2010, as Research Fellow and Manager of the Creative Workforce 2.0 Program at the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) in the Queensland University of Technology, Dr. Tan managed several government-contracted and industry-funded projects to implement and evaluate a range of techno-pedagogical and curriculum innovations aimed at promoting creativity and new literacies in students.

    In her various roles, she has worked with learners and teachers from a wide range of socio-economic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, including various marginalised groups such as academically at-risk learners in Singapore and Australia, young refugee and rural migrants from Africa, India and People's Republic of China. She is deeply passionate about improving the learning and life outcomes of all young people through transformative education.

    "Study the past if you would define the future... Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace." - The Analects, 441-479 BC

    Current Research Portfolio

    Title of Project Role / Source of Funding
    Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills ATC21S Singapore Trials Collective Creativity and Collaborative ProblemSolving Competencies among Secondary School Students

    Principal Investigator, Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) Tier 1

    WiREAD: Enhancing Students’ 21st Century Critical Literacy Skills through a Web-Based Collaborative Reading and Learning Analytics Environment

    Principal Research Investigator, Edulab/National Research Foundation, Tier 3

    Primary Education Review & Implementation (PERI) Policy Initiatives and the Development of 21CC Student Learning Outcomes: A Follow-up Quantitative Evaluation Study (2014)

    Principal Investigator, MOE Commissioned, Tier 3

    Measuring and Nurturing Teamwork Competency through a Computer-supported Creative Collaborative Problem-Solving Program Co-Principal Investigator, ERFP Tier 2
    Secondary Quantitative Analysis of Core Research Data (2004-2010): A Multilevel Study of Academic Achievement and 21st Century Competencies Co-Principal Investigator, ERFP Tier 1

    Turning Achievement Around: Predictors of Academic Resilience of Academically At-Risk Students in Singapore

    Co-Principal Investigator, ERFP Tier 2
    Nurturing Positivity: A Positive Psychology Intervention to Enhance Well-Being, Engagement, and Achievement among At-Risk Students Co-Principal Investigator,ERFP Tier 1
    The Implementation of a Broad-Based, Inquiry-Oriented Curriculum within a Singaporean Senior School Context: Transitional Experiences, Challenges and Enablers

    Co-Principal Investigator, ERFP Tier 1

    Developing a Framework for Assessing Students' Construction of Scientific Explanations in Physics 

    Co-Principal Investigator, ERFP Tier 2

    Development of a 21st Century Outdoor Education Curriculum in Singapore through a "Deliberative" Perspective - Inclusion of the Commonplace of the Teacher  Principal Investigator, ERFP Tier 1 (COMPLETED)

    Note: Tier 1 (< S$100,000); Tier 2 (S$100,001 to S$250,000), Tier 3 (> $250,000)

  • National Institute of Education, Singapore (2013 - Current)

    Leadership in Educational Technology Programme (School Leaders In-Service Programme)

    Education Innovations for 21C Learning (Masters Teaching Class: Curriculum Planning & Enacting)

    Social Context of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Core Course)

    Queensland University of Technology, Australia (2005 - Current)

    The Global Teacher (Bachelor of Education, Undergraduate Core Course)

    Verbal and Visual Literacies (Bachelor of Education, Undergraduate Course)

    Multiliteracies in Language and Literacy Curriculum (Bachelor of Education, Undergraduate Course)

    Research Methodologies and Mixed Methods Approach (Doctor of Education Programme)

  • Education Innovation Diffusion: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Transfer, Translation and Transformation of Curriculum and Pedagogical Practices Across Multiple International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools in Asia, PhD Candidate Mr Ashish Trivedi