Assistant Professor

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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PhD (2011) Michigan State University


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Research Interests
Teacher Learning, Educational Equity, Qualitative Research, Comparative Education

  • Dr JIANG Heng is an Assistant Professor at the Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Academic Group. She completed her doctoral studies in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education from Michigan States University (MSU), supported with the Erickson Research Fellowship (a distinction recognizing research excellence in graduate students at MSU) and the Government Award for the Outstanding Students Abroad from the Chinese Ministry of Education. She also holds a Master of Education in International and Comparative Education, and a Bachelor of Education in English Language and Teaching (both with Honors) from Beijing Normal University in China, twice awarded with the Distinguished Scholarship from the Joint Award Program of Chinese University of Hong Kong and Beijing Normal University.  

    Her research interests include teacher education and professional development in a comparative and international perspective, with a focus on improving the quality and equity of the teacher preparation for underrepresented populations. Her doctoral study, for instance, made use of Michele Lamont’s theory of boundary work to analyze the relations between ideologies of social class, pre-service teachers’ cultural beliefs, differentiated teaching practices, and the impact on students’ learning in a rural school in China. She further explores how purposefully designed teaching tasks can be used as the key practices to assist teacher learning to work with students from diverse backgrounds. One of such teaching tasks is classroom assessments. She is currently editing a book with international scholars from Asia-Pacific regions on “Teacher Learning with Classroom Assessment”, after she published her book titled “Learning to Teach with Assessment ” with Springer in 2015. Some of her research has been published in Journal of Teacher Education, Intercultural Education, and Frontiers of Education in China. 

    Among her current research projects include “Teachers’ Engagement in Lesson Study for Learning Community: Shaping Teachers’ Beliefs about Students from Disadvantaged Social Backgrounds” (OER 18/15 JH) and “Mathematics is Great: I Can And Like (MAGICAL) for Low Progress Learners” (DEV7/14TTL). 

    She currently serves as the Program Leader for the Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching (MCT).