Sally Ann JONES

Senior Lecturer

Deputy Head (Programmes & Teaching) ELL

English Language & Literature (ELL)

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PhD Sociology (Sheffield), MA TESOL(Institute of Education, London), Dip in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Manchester), BA English Literature (London)


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Research Interests
Language in education and disciplinary literacy, Pedagogies for English language and literature, Teacher education, English in multilingual and multicultural contexts, Critical literacy, English texts created for children and young people, Sociology of childhood and the family in education

  • Dr Sally Ann Jones is a Senior Lecturer. She is a former teacher of English language and literature and has taught in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Kenya, and Singapore. Her teaching experience encompasses various age groups in primary and secondary schools as well as those in multicultural support centers and universities.

    Dr Jones joined NIE in 2002. Here, she leads and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in curriculum and academic studies in English language, literature, as well as teaching multicultural education. Dr Jones led the BA/BSc Ed Curriculum Studies Programme Section for ten years, ensuring its relevance and coherence as a means of teacher education and preparation for the primary school. She led the part-time BEd Pedagogic Content Knowledge Program concurrently for four years. Her excellent teaching has been recognized with awards in 2007, 2008, and 2010.

    Dr Jones’ expertise is regularly drawn on by the education community. She consults with the Ministry of Education, being a member of English language and literature syllabi and pedagogy committees from time to time. Additionally, she contributes to the professional development of teachers in schools. She has designed and taught customized in-service courses on topics such as writing learning outcomes, narrative writing, assessment, and school reading programs. She has also worked closely with the Singapore Academy of Teachers to provide a specialist course in teaching English in the lower primary.

    Dr Jones’ varied research interests center on language in education, children’s reading and texts, teacher education, English language and literature pedagogy and the school curriculum in multilingual and multicultural contexts. Through her PhD study, she has developed interests in the sociology of childhood and families, including how children and their families experience education. She supervises student research projects, both theoretical and practical. Recent topics have been classroom interaction, reading motivation, and critical analyses of picture books and series books for girls.  Her work has been published in Education 3-13, the RELC Journal, Changing English and the TESOL Journal.

    Presently the Principal Investigator of two funded research projects, Dr Jones is researching the experiences of children learning English and mathematics in the primary school and elsewhere.


  • Dr Sally Ann Jones has taught curriculum studies on all of the degree, PDGE, and diploma programmes at NIE. Currently, she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in academic and curriculum studies, including a course on multicultural studies. She also supervises students’ research projects. An experienced supervisor of and moderator of the Practicum, Dr Jones guides novice teachers on their teaching practice in schools for periods of five to ten weeks.


    Current courses:



    AED40A/430, AAE40A, URECA Educational and Academic Research

    ACE30A/ACE301 Teaching Reading and Writing 2

    ACE40A/ACE401 Teaching Oral Communication

    ACE40B/ACE402 Teaching the Language Skills in the Upper Primary

    AMX30A/AMX301 Multicultural Studies: Appreciating and Valuing Difference

    AAE43N/AAE344/445 Language across the Curriculum

    MAE831 Critical Literacy