KATIGBAK Evangeline Orola

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

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Research Interests
Broadly, Emotional Geographies And Development, Transnational Family, Transnational Labour Migration

  • Dr. Evangeline O. Katigbak is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow with the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (Singapore). She completed her MSc Geography from the University of the Philippines (Diliman) where she also taught Geography for six years. She obtained her PhD Geography from the National University of Singapore. Her doctoral dissertation was on translocal emotional geographies with specific focus on Filipino domestic workers in Italy and their left-behind families in the Philippines.

    Dr. Katigbak is a geographer whose research interests include, broadly, transnational labour migration, transnational family, emotional geographies and development. She is currently working on a research project on the intersections of transnational family, talent migration and educational aspirations among Filipino migrant families in Singapore. Her work has been published in Global Networks and Emotion, Space and Society.