KHNG Kiat Hui

Research Scientist

Assistant Dean, Research Management

Office of Education Research (OER)

Office Location

PhD (Psychology), NTU, Singapore


Office Telephone Number

Research Interests
Applied Cognitive Development, Cognitive correlates of dance & movement, Cognitive neuroscience, Executive function and attention training, Executive functions and working memory, Inhibition and attention, Measurement of cognitive functions, Mindfulness

  • I have been a research scientist with the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), now known as Education and Cognitive Development Lab (ECDL), since September 2011. Prior to this I have worked as a research assistant/ associate/ fellow in A/P Kerry Lee’s Applied Cognitive Development Lab in CRPP/NIE. My work is focused on investigating the role of executive functioning in learning and performance. My previous emphasis was on inhibitory abilities and their role in complex performance such as mathematical problem solving and deductive reasoning. I have worked with both adult and child samples, using behavioral and neuroimaging methods. My current work extends to executive attention and the interplay between cognitive and affective variables in learning and performance, as well as the assessment of cognitive competencies. I currently have several ongoing projects that examine interventions for test anxiety and attentional difficulties in children; the interaction between proactive and reactive cognitive control; how these interventions/ interactions impact academic performance; the measurement of inhibitory abilities; attentional & emotional regulatory effects of mindfulness.

  • Experimental Design & Quantitative analysis (e.g. ANOVA, regressions),Neuroimaging (fMRI),Ex-gaussian analyses, SEM

    • Reviewer for international journals such as Pedagogies: An International Journal, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Developmental Science, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Learning and Individual Differences.
    • Reviewer for international conferences such as the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Redesigning Pedagogy Conference.
    • Research supervisor mentor for Nanyang Research Programme, 2012.

  • Postgraduate courses:

    • Advanced research Methodologies in Psychology (SA972)
    • Educational Enquiry I (MED871)
    • Elementary Statistics and SPSS (MED808)

    • Dean’s Commendation for Research, National Institute of Education, 2009
    • Research Scholarship (PhD), Nanyang Technological University,Singapore, 2007-2009
    • Research Studentship (Masters), Nanyang Technological University,Singapore, 2003-2004