KHO Ee Moi

Senior Lecturer

Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

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Research Interests
Gender in Education, Girls' Education in Singapore, Social Studies and History Education

  • Brief Bio

    Kho Ee Moi graduated from the University of Singapore with honours in history in 1980. She obtained her postgraduate diploma in education from the Institute of Education, Singapore and subsequently taught history and English language and literature for a few years before pursuing her Master of Arts in history at the University of Auckland. She obtained her PhD from the History Department of the National University of Singapore.

    Her experience as a teacher includes teaching secondary school students of different abilities, ranging from very low academic ability to students in the gifted education program. She was also involved, for more than seven years, in curriculum design and development in the Ministry of Education as a specialist inspector of history and social studies. As a specialist inspector she was also involved in the  appraisal and evaluation of school history and social studies programmes.

    She is currently a senior lecturer at the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group of the National Institute of Education where she is involved in pre-service and in-service training of teachers and is currently coordinator of the in-service primary social studies programs of HSSE. A keen supporter of history and social studies education, Ee Moi has been active in promoting these subjects in schools through her work in the History Association of Singapore where she is currently the President. She also is actively involved with schools, providing consultancy services, conducting cluster and school based workshops in areas of curriculum development and pedagogy and working directly with teachers to help them in developing school-based curriculum. She has sat on numerous curriculum development and steering committees in the Ministry of Education and was involved in the conceptualization and establishment of the MOE Heritage Centre.

    Academic Background

    BA (Hons) Cl2U   University of Singapore
    DipEd National University of Singapore                       
    DipTESL      The Royal Society of Arts 
    MA (Hons) Cl1         University of Auckland
    PhD   National University of Singapore


    Professional Organizations 

    • History Association of Singapore, President
    • National Council for the Social Studies, member
    • Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Singapore, member
    • Singapore Association for Social Studies Education, member