LEE Boon Ooi

Senior Lecturer

Psychological Studies (PS)

Office Location

M.Sc. (McGill University, Canada)
M.A. (University of Keele, UK)
B.A., Ph.D. (National University of Singapore)


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Research Interests
Culture and Mental health: Indigenous healing systems, indigenous psychology, cultural psychopathology, health beliefs

  • Dr Lee Boon Ooi holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has obtained post-doctoral training in Social and Transcultural Psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University in Canada. In addition to his current role as the programme leader of the MA programme in Counselling and Guidance, he teaches a number of courses in counselling psychology. His passion for teaching won him the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012 and 2013.

    For research, Dr Lee is interested in the relationship between culture and mental health, particularly, indigenous healing systems,  indigenous psychology, cultural psychopathology, and health beliefs. His research is interdisciplinary combining knowledge and methods from psychology, cultural psychiatry and medical anthropology.

    Besides teaching and research, Dr Lee has practised psychotherapy for 20 years. He has maintained an active private practice and provided consultation at the Department of Psychosocial Oncology at the National Cancer Centre. He is a recognized clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling.

  • I am interested in the relationship between culture and mental health, particularly, indigenous healing systems, cultural psychopathology, embodiment, and health beliefs (causal attribution and explanatory models). My research is interdisciplinary, drawing on knowledge and methodologies from psychology, transcultural psychiatry and medical anthropology.

    My current projects investigate indigenous healing systems for mental health. The goal is two-fold. First, I hope to identify the therapeutic processes in indigenous healing systems to culturally sensitize psychotherapy. As most psychotherapy models have been developed based on western worldviews, they may need to be adapted when being applied in other cultures. One way to make psychotherapy culturally sensitive is to study and learn from the indigenous healing systems of specific cultural groups. Therapeutic elements can be extracted from these healing systems and incorporated into psychotherapy. I have studied various indigenous healings in Chinese culture, for example, qui-chien (Chinese divination), Traditional Chinese Medicine, and feng-shui (geomancy). Presently, I research into thetherapeutic process and outcome of dang-ki healing (Chinese shamanistic healing) in Singapore. I am particularly interested in how its healing processes and outcomes are related to expectations, faith, hope, meaning responses (placebo effects), and the therapeutic relationship. The theoretical model that guides my research is symbolic healing model (Dow, 1986). 

    Second, I examine how the sense of self is transformed through meaning systems in ritual healing. For example, there is evidence that involvement in shamanistic spirit possession may be therapeutic, rather than being pathological, for the practitioner as well as their clients. This line of enquiry also sheds light on the relationship between therapeutic transformation and altered states of consciousness in the healing context.

    • Multicultural Counselling
    • Advanced Counselling Skills
    • Fundamentals of Counselling
    • Counselling Practicum
    • Health Psychology (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine)



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