LEE Chai Yen 李彩燕

Teaching Fellow

Asian Languages & Cultures (ALC)

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MA in Linguistics (University Of Hong Kong)
BA in Chinese Studies and Language (National University of Singapore)


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Research Interests
Exploring effective ways in Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Second Language through designing school-based curriculum to level up the students’ interest and the practical usage & application of the language.

  • Ms Lee Chai Yen, a Singapore citizen, joined the education service since 1997 and had accumulated more than 19 years of teaching experience.  In 2000, she was appointed as HOD/ MTL at CHIJ Katong Convent.  Subsequently in 2004, she was selected for a 1-year Master degree programme (MA in Linguistics) at Hong Kong University.  On her return from her Master’s programme, she had a 4-year stint at MOE/CPDD where she was put in charge of consultancy and training for CL teachers in which developing teachers and interns was her major job scope.  She was the HOD/ MTL of Christ Church Secondary School before joining NIE as a Teaching Fellow.  


    As the HOD/MTL, Ms Lee actively worked with her team on school-based curriculum designs, which encouraged different forms of expressing ones’ thoughts; making an otherwise dry subject into a fun and eventful learning adventure, creating a lasting impression on the students that language is not boring.  The schools that she had been leading successfully expanded language exposure through various media such as attending drama/play, learning journey to cultural/heritage venues, using Xinyao (Singapore Chinese Folk Songs) and music to expose students to the alternate mastery of the CL language.  As a result, many new teaching strategies were introduced and developed in the effective teaching of Chinese language.

    Ms Lee also created opportunities to introduce integrated curriculum design at the schools she taught at, which combined language teaching with humanities, outdoor education and CCE. She led the team in designing and implementing event-based learning, making it a meaningful learning journey for the students.

    During her 4-year stint in MOE/CPDD, Ms Lee was in charge of the reading project from which many creative programmes were implemented in more than 60 primary schools and a guidebook in reading for Primary school teachers was also produced.  The training and consultancy for primary schools was also drawn up to support teachers using the new syllabus.  Training and sharing workshops were also organized for the teachers.

  • 2015

    Received the Star Award for Excellent Service Award


    Received the Outstanding Contribution Award- Team


    Received Gold Award for Excellent Service Award


    Received National Day Award (Commendation Medal)


    Received Outstanding Contribution Award- Individual


    Received MOE Long Service Award


    Received Gold Award for Excellent Service Award


    Received Silver Award for Excellent Service Award


    Received Outstanding Contribution Award- Team


    Received Postgraduate Scholarship