Letchmi Devi d/o PONNUSAMY


Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)

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Research Interests
Curriculum Enactment, Curriculum Integration and STEM as transformative learning experiences, Curriculum vision and Metalanguages in Singaporean schools, Differentiation in mixed ability classes and addressing special learners’ needs, Gifted learners’ life trajectories, Infusing creative and critical thinking in the formal curriculum and enrichment programmes, School based curriculum development for high ability learners, Talent development amongst the academically and artistically-inclined learners

  • Dr Letchmi currently teachers courses in the High Abilities Specialization for the Master of Education programme as well as initial and continuing teacher education courses on pedagogical practice and curriculum development. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the instructional differentiation strategies and challenges faced by teachers working in mixed ability classrooms across four different subject areas in Singaporean secondary schools.  Her research interests include issues pertaining to giftedness, creativity, effective pedagogy and teacher education. Her experience in educational research began with work that identified trends and issues in initial and professional teacher education in eight countries for the International Alliance project. Her current work includes research on curriculum development that increase high ability learning engagement as well as studies that look into how local efforts at increasing teacher involvement in curriculum innovation can be enhanced.

  • Gifted Education