LIEW Cheng Yi Warren Mark

Assistant Professor

English Language & Literature (ELL)

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BA (Hons First Class), MA (NUS), PGDE (NIE), MA (Stanford), PhD (Stanford)


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Research Interests
Performance in education, literacy studies, curriculum studies

  • Dr Warren Mark Liew joined NIE in 2010 as an Assistant Professor of education in the English Language and Literature Academic Group. He has taught a wide a range of courses on language, literature, literacy, and educational research methods in the undergraduate and higher-degree programs. He currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Master of Education in English Literature (MEd (Literature)) program, and is a Managing Editor of Pedagogies: An International Journal

    Dr Liew's research and teaching interests draw inspiration from the work of Performance Studies scholars, particularly in relation to critical educational research. He is personally and politically invested in the resistant potentialities of performancein the neoliberal education marketplace, where faculty members are called on, for instance, to perform marketable identities in the guise of faculty profile pages such as this.

    • AAR 202: Literature, Education and Culture
    • AAE 233: Language and Literacy
    • AAE 441: Using Information Technology in the Language Classroom
    • AAE 439: Multiliteracies and the Language Classroom
    • AMX 301: Multicultural Studies: Appreciating and Valuing Differences 
    • QCR 520: Aims and Approaches to Teaching Literature 
    • QCR 523: Literature Assessment, Writing and Teacher Reflection 
    • QGS 511: Group Endeavors in Service Learning
    • MLE 802: Literature, Culture and Education
    • MLE 808: Literary Theory and Teaching
    • MLE 816: Narrative Inquiry in Qualitative Research
    • MMM 800: Critical Inquiry
    • MED 872: Educational Inquiry II