LOH Chin Ee

Associate Professor

Deputy Head (Research) - ELL

English Language & Literature (ELL)

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LLB Hons (NUS), PGDE (NIE), Masters in Literary Linguistics (Nottingham), PhD (University at Albany, State University of New York)


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Research Interests
Literacy and literature education at the intersection of globalization and equity- with a current focus on reading -school libraries and design of learning environments

  • Loh Chin Ee is Assistant Professor at the English Language and Literature Academic Group at the National Institute of Education. She graduated from the University of Albany, State University of New York, where she was involved with literacy research projects at the Centre on English Learning and Achievement, including the National Study of Writing Instruction. Formerly a secondary school teacher, she has taught at Raffles Girls’ Secondary School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Yishun Town Secondary School. She currently teachers pre-service, inservice and postgraduate courses on literature education, reading and school libraries at NIE.

    Chin Ee’s research focuses on literacy and literature education at the intersection of social class and globalisation. She is invested in using innovative research methods such as socio-spatial approaches and visual methods and drawing on insights from interdisciplinary connections to uncover insights about how better to improve students’ access to reading resources and practices. Findings from her Building a Reading Culture: A Nation-wide Study of Reading and School Libraries (https://www.readingculturesg.org) have been widely shared and significantly improved policy and practice on reading and school libraries in Singapore, while contributing to the international body of knowledge.


    Recent books published are The Space and Practice of Reading: A Case Study of Social Class and Reading in Singapore (Routledge, 2017) and Literature Education in the Asia-Pacific: Policies, Practices and Perspectives in Global Times (Routledge, 2018). Chin Ee is also the co-editor of Teaching Literature in Singapore Secondary Schools (Pearson, 2013), Little Things: an Anthology of Poetry (Ethos, 2013) and co-author of Teaching Poetry to Adolescents: a Teachers’ Guide to Little Things. Her work has been published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Changing English, Literacy, Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy and Anthropology and Education Quarterly, among others. She is Book Review co-editor of  Pedagogies, an international journal, and founder of enl*ght, a NIE-based student-run publication for Literature teachers. She has spoken widely internationally and within Singapore on literature education, reading, school libraries and the design of learning environments.

    • Literacy Education, focusing particularly on reading, equity and school libraries
    • Literature Education, including multicultural literature and place-based learning
    • Reading access across the lifespan
    • Teacher education

  • Preservice Courses

    AAE28B: Introduction to Children's Literature

    ACR42A: Designing Literature Curriculum and Assessment

    ACR422: Literature Assessment

    QCR520: Aims and Approaches to Literature Education

    QCR523: Literature Assessment, Writing and Teacher Reflection
    QUE514: Understanding and Implementing an English Language Curriculum


    Higher Degree Courses

    MAE808: Literature and Language Education

    MAE832: The History and Practice of Reading

    MEL918: Reading in a Multimodal Age

    MEL812: Developing Reading Competence and Vocabulary

    MEL902 / MLE817: Analyzing Literature and Language

    MLE814: Literature Assessment: Issues in Approach and Design

    MMM800: Critical Inquiry


    Inservice Courses

    IEL2059: Designing a Lower Secondary Literature Curriculum

    IEL2064: Teaching and Assessing the Unseen for the Upper Secondary

    IEL2066: Infusing Literature and Rich Texts in the English Language Classroom

    IEL2072: Writing in the Literature Classroom

    IEL2075: Acing Literature Essays - Approaches to Teaching Writing and Tackling Examination  Questions

    IEL2084: Teaching and Assessing Writing in the Literature Classroom

    IEL2090: Managing the Secondary School Library



    Practicum Supervision

    Educational Research

    Undergraduate Research (URECA)

  • Programme






    Leong Min Jian Edmen

    Reading Motivation: Strategies for Learners with Dyslexia


    2018 - Present


    Wan Zhong Hao 

    Geosemiotics Study of Learning Spaces in a Singapore Secondary School. 


    2018 - Present



    Eunice Goh Jia Ying 

    Studying the Effectiveness of an Integrated Language-Literature Approach to the Teaching of GCE O-Level Reading Comprehension Skills


    2018 - Present


    Nursafiqah Bte Sa’ad

    The Impact of Book Discussions on the Reading Motivation of a Class of Secondary One Normal (Technical) Students

    (Completed ) 2019


    Angela Chew

    Walking the City: Developing Critical Spatial Competencies through Literature

    (Completed) 2018

    MA in Applied Linguistics

    Indirani d/o Palaraju

    ‘Literature in English’ as an O-Level Subject – What are the Attitudes of Recent Secondary School Graduates

    (Completed ) 2015


    Serene Wee

    Writing Singapore in Multicultural Context

    Completed 2013