Assistant Dean, Professional & Leadership Development

Policy, Curriculum and Leadership (PCL), Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)

Office Location

MSc (2005) University of Oxford, UK


Office Telephone Number
6790 3228

Research Interests
Curriculum Design, Differentiated Instruction, Student Voices, Teacher Professional Developement, English Language Teaching

  • Prior to joining NIE, Dr Lucy Fernandez taught both at the primary and secondary levels,  and has served as subject head and HOD. She obtained her BA (Hons) from the University of Otago, New Zealand (English and English Literature) and her MSc in Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition from the University of Oxford, UK. While at school, Lucy was involved in the professional development of teachers in various areas as well as spear-headed numerous initiatives and programmes. In 2009, she was conferred the President’s Award for Teachers.

    At PCL/NIE, Lucy continues to be involved in teacher education as well as the professional development of teachers, particularly in the areas of curriculum theory, practice and design as well as Differentiated Instruction. In addition, Lucy has an interest in the area of Student Voice. Lucy teaches across a wide range of courses including undergraduate, postgraduate and various in-service programmes. In 2012 & 2016, she was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from NIE. In 2017, she was awarded the highly-regarded Nanyang Education Award from NTU, as well as the EIU Best Practice Award from APCEIU, Korea (UNESCO Category 2 Centre).

    • President’s Award for Teachers, 2009
    • NIE Excellence in Teaching Award, 2012
    • NIE Excellence in Teaching Award, 2016
    • NTU Nanyang Education Award, 2017
    • EIU Best Practice Award from APCEIU, Korea (UNESCO Category 2 Centre), 2017