Mardiana Bte Abu Bakar


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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PhD (2012) Nanyang Technological University


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Research Interests
Curriculum History, Curriculum Reform, Curriculum Theory and Design, Dialogic Teaching, Educational Research, Problem-Based Learning, Reflective Practice, Sociology of Curriculum, Values Education

  • Mardiana Abu Bakar joined the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) Academic Group as a lecturer on 1 February 2008. Prior to her appointment, she headed the research team at the Centre for Educational Development, Republic Polytechnic. 

    Mardiana recently completed her PhD with CTL after a short stint at the State University of New York. Before leaving for New York, Mardiana was part of the pioneer team of the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) and undertook fieldwork to collect the initial data for the Singapore Pedagogy Coding Scheme at primary and secondary schools island wide. She was the lead writer of the Centre's 2005 preliminary report on the teaching of Malay as a second language in Singapore schools: An analysis of initial data from the Singapore Pedagogy Coding Scheme (Tech. Rep.). She was also involved in the Centre's preliminary project of an integrative Normal Technical curriculum at a neighbourhood secondary school in 2005. Mardiana was also an adjunct at NIE and NTU, prior to joining CRPP full-time.

    Her research and teaching interests include curriculum history and reform, sociology of curriculum, curriculum theory and design, educational research, problem-based learning, reflective practice and values education. She was recently a collaborator in an ethnographic study of the PERI project commissioned by the MOE, and is currently a co-Principal Investigator of a comparative project on School-Based Curriculum Innovation.