Mercy Karuniah MICHAEL


Early Childhood & Special Needs Education (ECSE)

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MEd (Early Childhood Education), MA (English Studies)


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Research Interests
Family structure and its impact on child development, Home-school partnerships, Parent-child relationships, Parent-teacher involvement, Poverty and its influence on minority child development, Self-identity and self-understanding in young children, Social emotional development of young children

  • Mercy currently teaches pre-service and in-service courses in educational psychology. She is the course coordinator for the in service course: Engaging Parents: A Practical Approach. She also works with in-service pre-school teachers, teaching the NEL framework and the NEL MTL framework courses. Her formal training and experience as a classroom teacher had inspired her interest in learning more about the social and emotional development of young children. Her Master's dissertation explored children's criteria in selecting peers in a local preschool. Her PhD dissertation explores parent-child relationships in impoverished single mother homes in Singapore. Her other research interests include matters of social justice, diversity and multiculturalism as practiced in the local context.

  • Early Childhood Education/Mainstream Education, Literacy development 

  •  Educational philosophy, diversity management, parent-child relationships, parenting practices & minority child development issues, qualitative research methodologies

  • Dean's Commendation Award 2011