Michael CHIA


Dean, Faculty Affairs

Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA), Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)

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PhD (Sport & Health Sciences) Exeter University, UK, 1998

BSc [Honours Class 1] (PE & Sports Science) Loughborough University, UK, 1991

Diploma in Physical Education [Distinction] College of PE, Singapore, 1986


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Research Interests
Paediatric Exercise Physiology, physical (in)activity and fitness, physical education and youth sport

  • Service Appointments - International
    • Founder member, International Forum for Research in Education (IFORE)
    • Executive Board Member, Asia-Pacific Association of Coaching Science (AACS)
    • Executive Board Member, Asia Council of Exercise and Sport Science (ACESS)
    • Academic Member, Athens Institute for Education & Research (ATIER)
    • Past Vice-President, ACESS
    • Past Vice-President, Education Research Association of Singapore (ERAS)
    • Life member, Singapore Physical Education Association
    • On editorial board of more than 30 journals in PE, sport science, medicine & health
    Service Appointments - National
    • Steering Committee of the NTU Senate
    • Board of Directors for the Singapore Sports School
    • Chairman of the Ethics Review Board for Research for Sport Singapore
    • ACCORD Educational Institutional Council
    • Advisory Board for Singapore Sailing
    • Vice-chairman of the Beacon Primary School Advisory Board (4th term)
    Visiting Appointments
    • Visiting Professor to Coimbra University, Portugal. 1 September to 30 October 2017 (Official sabbatical)
    • Visiting Professor to Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. 1 September to 1 October 2016 (Official sabbatical)
    • Visiting Research Scholar to Chukyo University, Nagoya, Japan. 1 May 2009 to 31 July 2009 (Official sabbatical)
    • Visiting Professor to Chinese Culture University, Taipei. 1 September 2008 to 31 Jan 2009. (Official sabbatical)

    Executive Summary

    Professor Michael Chia is Dean for Faculty Affairs who works collectively with the 12 Heads of Academic Groups in NIE, who report directly to him, to nurture, galvanize and energize all academic staff to make significant contributions in daily effort for teaching, research and service excellence and to take ownership for the Institute of Distinction that is the National Institute of Education Singapore. Since 2011, he evaluated and oversaw the successful promotion of more than a dozen professorial and lecturer staff as the NIE Chair for the promotions committees that make recommendations to the Director’s Advisory Committee. In this regard, he led workshops and provided detailed advisories, coaching and mentoring of staff, helping colleagues put their dossiers in good order for promotion consideration. He is a member of the NIE Senior Management and he assists the Director of NIE in leading the Institute in the accomplishment of its strategic mission.

    A capstone 24-month project initiated by him was the leadership training and development programme for all NIE academic appointment holders to upskill leaders to be more self-aware, responsive and relevant to context-based challenges in achieving the strategic goals for NIE. In this regard, he helped to streamline and harmonize teaching evaluation, promotion and staff appraisal across the 12 academic groups. He played a pivotal role spearheading change management together with the NIE Senior Management in the transition to a ‘points-free’ performance appraisal system for NIE academic staff. He also promoted a more consultative approach for succession planning for NIE appointment holders. He coaches and mentors academic group heads in their leadership role and he also currently oversees the Asian Languages and Culture academic group as an intermediate arrangement as a special assignment by the NIE Director.

    Professor Michael Chia was elected to represent the NIE on the University Senate in 2012-2014 and again from 2014-2016. During the latter term, he was elected onto the Senate Steering Committee and he chairs the Committee for University Development and he was active in canvassing faculty voice in a future-forward development of the university in congenial and cooperative partnership with the NTU Senior Management. During his tenure, NTU senior management accepted and adopted four recommendations put forward by his committee. Previously, he sat on the Committee on Policy Matters of the Academic Council and he continues his service on the University Faculty Housing Steering Committee.

    When Professor Michael Chia served as the Head of Physical Education (2006-2010), he steered his colleagues in the development and launch of the inaugural and Singapore’s only university-level BSc in Sports Science and Management programme. This NTU degree programme that is largely based in NIE remains a signature and very successful programme for the university. He also enhanced and made safer physical infrastructure by overseeing a $1.7 million dollars-costed improvements, namely an enhancement lightning protection system and the overhead coverage of the outdoor basketball and volleyball courts.

    His contributions to NTU include his appointment as the Chairman of the NTU Healthy Lifestyle Committee from 2006-2010. He and his committee, worked tirelessly to promote the health and well-being of nearly 5000 NTU colleagues and during his tenure as Chairman, his committee clinched a Silver (2008) and a Gold Award (2010), respectively in the Singapore HEALTH Award by the Singapore Health Promotion Board of the Ministry of Health in Singapore. The award recognizes organizations with commendable workplace health promotion programmes.

    Professor Michael Chia’s international academic standing and leadership are strong and well-recognized among peers. Significant past accomplishments include his leadership and organizing chairmanship of the 1st Youth Olympic Games Conference in May 2010 that was hosted in NTU and NIE. The conference attracted 1200 delegates from 30 countries and helped to put NTU, NIE and Singapore on the world’s map in terms of Physical Education and Sport Science. His expertise continues to be much sought after- he is on the editorial boards of 32 internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals and has reviewed more than 70 manuscripts; he continues to receive invitations to deliver keynote lectures and has delivered addresses to international audiences in Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

    Apart from his more than 130 research publications, with more than 70% lead or corresponding authorship in books, chapters, monographs and journal papers on physical education, sport, physical inactivity and health of youth, Professor Michael Chia has contributed advisories and co-authored national guidelines for Physical Activity for Youth and Adult and international guidelines for Youth Sport Development (International Olympic Council Medical Commission, 2015). He supervised and graduated 12 doctoral and master-level students with all of them gainfully employed and holding establishment positions in academia, research and in the ministries of education and sport in Singapore and eslewhere.

    Internationally, he played significant leadership roles among his professional peers in his accomplished appointments as Vice-president of the (i) Asian Council of Exercise and Sport Science and (ii) Education Research Association of Singapore. Nationally, his leadership contributions include advisory and board directorship of schools (Singapore Sport School, Beacon Primary School) and national bodies (Singapore Sailing, Ministries of Health and Education) and chairman of the Research Ethics Committee of Sport Singapore.

    Professor Michael Chia is a recipient of teaching, research and service awards from his university and from international organisations. In 2016, he received national Day Awards for his leadership in administration and contribution to the Ministry of Education- the Public Service Medal (Bronze) and the Long Service Medal.

    He embraces his appointments and assignments with grace and gratitude in his professional and personal quest to make a meaningful difference to his institution, country and the international community.

    • British Association of Sport Science-research-accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Physiology-Research), 1998
    • American College of Sport Medicine-certified Health & Fitness Director®, 1998
    • Diploma in Seamanship, Hong Kong Outward Bound School, 1995

  • Graduate Student Supervision (as sole supervisor)-100% pass rate
    • Dr Haresh Suppiah, PhD (2016). Nanyang President Scholar. Adolescent sleep and sport performance. Sport physiologist. National Youth Sport Institute. 
    • Dr Abdul Rashid Aziz, PhD (2016). Ramadan fasting and exercise performance. Head. Sports Medicine Unit, Sport Singapore. 
    • Dr Swarup Mukherjee, MD, PhD (2008). Repeated sprint performance and selected biochemical markers of professional soccer players in Singapore. PESS Assistant Professor.
    • Dr Yvonne Wang, MD, MSc (2007). Validity and reliability of pedometer assessment in a 30 minute physical education lesson and during 30 minute recess. Research Scientist.
    • Dr Lee Kok Sonk, PhD (2006). Physical Activity and health in adolescents. Remote co-supervisor for University of Queensland. Head Talent Identification. CCAB. Vice-Principal.
    • Dr Jamie Lim, PhD (2006) Assessment of and recovery from maximal intermittent sprinting in untrained male and female adults. Director of Operations, Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
    • Ms Tan Gek Han, MSc (2006) Impact of cardiac rehabilitation programme on the leisure time physical activity of heart patients. Lecturer, School of Nursing, Nanyang Polytechnic.
    • Dr Hu Qichen, PhD (2004) Effect of different modes of treadmill exercise on the immune function of red blood cells. Former Lecturer, University of Macau and now Assistant Professor, Shanghai University, China.
    • Dr Frankie Tan, MSc (2002), PhD (2010) Reliability and validity of a maximal stair-climb test for Singapore. Head Exercise Physiologist, Sport Singapore.
    • Dr Lee Kok Sonk, MSc (2001), PhD (2008) Exercise performance of boys with moderate intellectual disability. Head Sport Talent Unit, CCAB, MOE.
    • Dr Violette Lin, PhD (2000) Efficacy of year-long exercise programme on overweight children. Post-doctoral fellow in the University Otago, New Zealand.

  • For research and scholarship
    • 2010 World Leisure International Innovation Prize - highly commended award for PRIDE for PLAY. August 2010.
    • Finalist, Young Investigator Award. Pediatric Work Physiology Conference, 1997. Moretahempsted. United Kingdom.
    • Association of Commonwealth Universities Academic Staff Development Award, United Kingdom to read Paediatric Exercise Science at Exeter University, UK, 1995 -1998.
    • NTU Staff Development Award, Singapore to read Paediatric Exercise Science at Exeter University, UK, 1995 -1998.
    • Undergraduate Scholarship (St Joseph’s Institution, Singapore) to Loughborough University of Technology (UK) to read Physical Education & Sports Science. Singapore, 1989-1990.
    • Best Diploma Student, College of Physical Education, Singapore, 1986.
    For teaching
    • Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award, National Institute of Education, Singapore, 2003.
    • Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award, National Institute of Education, Singapore, 2002.
    • Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award, National Institute of Education, Singapore, 2001.
    • Distinction Teacher of Physical Education, College of Physical Education, Singapore, 1986.
    For leadership and service
    • National Day Award, Public Administration Medal (Bronze), August 2016.
    • National Day Award, Long Service Medal, August 2016.
    • Service to Education - School Board Award, September 2014.
    • National HEALTH Award 2010 - Gold. November 2010.
    • National HEALTH Award 2008 - Silver. September 2008.
    • NIE/NTU Long Service Award (15 years) 30 June 2006.
    • NTU Tenure (T65) Award. 1 January 2006.
    • Overseas Youth Leader Award (Outward Bound Hong Kong), Ministry of Community Development, Singapore, 1994.
    Dean's Commendation for Research
    • NIE Dean's Commendation Award for Research - Mr Haresh Suppiah (supervisee of Professor Michael Chia). 2013 (1 paper), 2016 (1 paper)
    • NIE Dean's Commendation Award for Research - Mr Abdul Rashid Aziz (supervisee of Professor Michael Chia). 2010 (1 paper); 2011 (2 papers); 2013 (2 papers).
    • NIE Dean's Commendation Award for Research - Dr Swarup Mukherjee (supervisee of Professor Michael Chia). 2008 (1 paper).
    Research Grants (last 3 years only)
    Title   Involvement  Grant
    An NIE-NTU innovation device for assessing sitting and non-sitting behaviours of participants in the computation of a sit-non-sit index (SNSI)  Principal investigator  NIE AcRF, &99,000 Submitted 
     NIE SMiLeS - sitting made in time to be less sedentary Principal Investigator  RS-SAA grant. $120,000
    Fully accomplished
     Holistic development of Singapore Sports School student-athletes - a baseline and tracking study Principal Investigator   RS-SAA grant. $120,000
    Fully accomplished
     Hydration and fluid replenishment knowledge of heat acclimatized youth athletes and coaches  Principal Investigator  OER Grant $249,986 
    Fully accomplished
     Physical inactivity, physical fitness, metabolic status and academic performance amongst secondary school students in Singapore   Principal Investigator  OER Grant $249,950
    Fully accomplished
     Making explicit the implicit - Holistic development of primary school pupils through the integration of physical education and health education - the Beacon Experience   Principal Investigator  AcRF Grant 84,700
    Fully accomplished
     PRIDE for PLAY: promotion and evaluation the school-based evidence  Principal Investigator  RS-SAA $90,000
    Fully accomplished
     Healthy, well and wise: take personal responsibility in daily effort for a lifetime of wellness  Principal Investigator  ARIEF $60,000
    Fully accomplished
     Sports Science in Sporting Success  Principal Investigator  ARIEF $72,325
    Fully accomplished


  • Exercise hydration
    • Drinking isn't hydration. Channel News Asia documentary. 28 June 2015.
    • Liquid Assets: Stop Neglecting and Start Respecting the Daily Intake of Water. 11 March 2008. Today.
    Physical Education & Physical Inactivity
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    Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort (PRIDE) for Participation in Lifetime Physical Activity for Youths (PLAY)
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    • Lessons from the playground. Interview write-up on PRIDE for PLAY in Research in Education. 5, 2012.
    • Importance of play in schools. 93.8 Live Radio interview. 27 April 2007.
    • PRIDE for PLAY. 93.8 Live and Capital radio interview. 23 Jan 2006.
    HealthTrek Information Tracking System
    • HealthTrek Information Tracking System. News Radio 93.8 FM interview. 21 April 2002.



  • Trademarked Products (selected recent only)

    Michael Chia, Project leader and co-developer of web-based application, Sports Science in Sporting Success™ Registered Trademark Number (Singapore): T03/15772Z in Class 4. Subscribed by schools and the National Library Board. Registered on World Business Directory in 2008. Till 2023.

    General Monographs (selected recent only)

    Chia M (contributed foreword, 2014). Improving Nutrition for Adolescent Girls in Asia and the Middle East: Innovations are needed. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

     Sloan RA, Chia M, O’Mucheartaigh C, Gorny A, Yeo, C, Blair S, Lee I-Min, Sawada S, Ong A, Lim BH, Laukkanen R, Tong KL, Wong ML, Chan MF, Lim MT, Tan P, Ismail NH, Choo L, Poon G. National Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (2014). Health Promotion Board. Ministry of Health, Singapore.

     Sloan RA, Chia M, O’Mucheartaigh C, Gorny A, Yeo, C, Blair S, Lee I-Min, Sawada S, Ong A, Lim BH, Laukkanen R, Tong KL, Wong ML, Chan MF, Lim MT, Tan P, Ismail NH, Choo L, Poon G (2012). National Physical Activity Guidelines for Singaporeans: Professional Guide. Health Promotion Board. Ministry of Health, Singapore. http://www.hpb.gov.sg/HOPPortal/health-article/10368

    Technical Grant Monographs (selected recent only)

    Michael Chia et al. Hydration and fluid replacement knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of heat-acclimatized Singaporean youths. Final report OER 22/10 MC. Includes resource material- Hydration for Champions. ISBN: 978-981-09-2850-6. 30 November 2014.

    Michael Chia et al. The holistic development of youth who participate in sport in Singapore. Final report RS 2/12MC. ISBN: 978-981-1270-9.

    Michael Chia et al. Inactivity, Fitness, metabolic Status and academic performance of Secondary School Students in Singapore. Final report OER 16/09 MC. ISBN: 978-981-5456-3. 1 August 2013.

    Michael Chia et al. Making the implicit EXPLICIT©. Final report RI 5/09 MC. ISBN: 978-981-07-3766-5. December 2012.

    Michael Chia. PRIDE for PLAY©. Final report RS 2/08 CYH. ISBN: 978-981-07-1258-7. February 2012.

    Michael Chia. Fitness-activity-inactivity of Singaporean Youths. ISBN: 978-981-1270-9. February 2012.