NG Pak Tee

Associate Professor

Policy, Curriculum and Leadership (PCL)

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BA (Hon), PGDE, MA, MBA, PhD


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Research Interests
Educational Policy, Educational Leadership, Coaching/Mentoring, Organisation Learning and Change, Complexity Theories

  • NG Pak Tee [National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)] is a Singaporean educator who is deeply involved in the development of school and teacher leaders. He considers it a privilege to be able to educate a fraternity of students who are educators themselves and who build others through their leadership, work and lives. He encourages educators to walk a path not easily travelled, with love, courage and resilience.

    Pak Tee began his career as a Mathematics teacher after reading the discipline in Cambridge University under a scholarship he gratefully received from his country.  He served a stint as a Ministry of Education (MOE) officer before joining the NIE as an academic.  At the NIE, he has previously served as Associate Dean Leadership Learning and Head of the Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group.  His main work is in education change and leadership. 

    Pak Tee has authored/co-authored over a hundred publications. International media often seek his views on education change. He has served as the executive editor/co-editor/editorial adviser of a few international refereed journals and is currently an editorial board member of more than ten journals. He is the co-editor of the Routledge Leading Change book series. One of his books, “Learning from Singapore: The Power of Paradoxes”, is a Routledge best-seller.

    Pak Tee has been invited to speak at many events around the world, for example, Google Global Education Symposium, Yidan Prize Summit, International Baccalaureate Global Conference, and Harvard University Graduate School of Education’s Global Education Innovation Initiative Conference. He is currently a member of Scotland’s International Council of Education Advisers and a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University.

    Pak Tee has been conferred awards such as the National Day Award of Public Administration Medal (Bronze) for merit and service to education; and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Asia Pacific Educational Research Association.  He has also won various teaching awards and has been conferred a Fellow of NTU Teaching Excellence Academy. However, his greater reward is a fraternity of students who pay it forward through their contribution and commitment to education.