APLIN Nicholas G.

Senior Lecturer

Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)

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Research Interests
Academic: Introduction to Physical Education and Sport, Social History of Sport in Singapore, Olympism, Socio-Cultural Aspects of Sport, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Softball, Squash, Javelin, International Chess, Golf

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    • Senior Lecturer
    • Chair, Conference & Symposium
    Short Bio

    Dr. Nick Aplin has been lecturing in Singapore since 1985. He is the Head of Olympic Studies of the Singapore Olympic Academy and has been engaged in local, regional and international promotion of Olympism. In 2005, Dr. Aplin was the lead author of the first complete profile of Singaporean sportsmen and women to participate at the Olympic Games. He has been co-opted by the Olympians Singapore association to assist in establishing criteria leading to the award of the Olympian Medallion to its members. Dr. Aplin is the co-author (with Tibor Karolyi) of a number of chess anthologies which have been published internationally. In 2007, the English edition of ‘Anatoly Karpov: Endgame Virtuoso’ won the Guardian (UK) award for the Chess Book of the Year. This book has also been translated into Spanish.

    Dr. Aplin has been engaged in local television commentary work since 1997, covering sports such as football, rugby, badminton, table tennis, squash, swimming, dancesport, silat, boxing and netball. In 2010 he was a lead commentator for the local cable TV network coverage of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Dr. Aplin was one of three Vice-Presidents of the Singapore Chess Federation between 2004 and 2007. He was the Head of Delegation of the national teams that represented Singapore at the World Youth Chess Championships in Crete in November 2002; the Asian Youth Chess Championships in India in 2003, the South East Asian Games in Vietnam in 2003, and the South East Asian Games in the Philippines in 2005. Dr. Aplin represented Singapore against Malaysia in the annual international chess match 31 December 2010/1 January 2011.

    • PhD (NTU, Singapore, 1999)
    • MSc (Loughborough University, UK, 1985)
    • BEd (Loughborough College of Education, UK, 1976)
    • Certificate in Education (Loughborough College of Education, UK, 1975)