Rozi Binte Rahmat

Teaching Fellow

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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PhD (2014) Flinders University, South Australia


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Research Interests
Action Research, Learning Circle, Lesson Study, Networked Learning Communities, Peer Feedback, Professional Learning Communities, Rubrics, Student’s Learning Goals and Reflective Writing, Written Feedback

  • Dr Rozi Binte Rahmat joined the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group in Jan 2017 as a Teaching Fellow. She taught History and Social Studies and was a former Senior Teacher and School Staff Developer. She attained her PhD in assessment from Flinders University of South Australia. Her research and teaching interest include student’s learning goals and reflective writing, peer feedback, self-regulated learning, teacher’s oral and written feedback and designing rubrics. In addition, she is a strong advocate of professional development of teachers in areas such as action research, lesson study, learning study, learning circle, professional learning communities and networked learning communities. She is currently a co-Principal Investigator of a project entitled Knowledge Construction in Networked Learning Communities in One Portal All Learners.