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Ph.D (Flinders University), Australia


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Research Interests
Language & literacy teaching, Language policy & implementation, Teaching thinking skills

  • Introduction

    Jo-Ann was a secondary school teacher in specialized school programmes, namely the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) and Gifted Education Programme. She then contributed to the Singapore education scene in her capacity as a curriculum specialist at the Ministry of Education (Singapore) in The Thinking Programme and Project Work Unit. She is currently working at the National Institute of Education (Singapore) as a lecturer specializing in teaching methodologies for English language teaching in multilingual contexts.


    Jo-Ann’s PhD research was the examination of policy implementation, specifically The Thinking Programme into Singapore schools.  Her research, teaching and service is focused on developing the teacher as a thinking practitioner. Consequently, she is interested in learning analytics that support teachers in assuming their roles as informed decision-makers in the classroom.

    Her work has led her to work with schools specifically in the areas of developing management processes particularly for English Language departments that encourage and nurture teacher capacities that will positively impact teacher practice for improved student performance in classroom settings.

    More information about my research is found at:

    Teaching and Training: Local and International

    • Teaching Reading and Writing
    • Teaching Oral Communication
    • English Language Pedagogies

    She has served as a consultant to local schools and to teacher education faculties in universities overseas.

    Jo-Ann received an NIE Award (Service) in 2010 and the NIE Teaching Award (School) in 2013.

  • Research and Supervision Interests

    • The teaching of thinking
    • Teaching English Language at the Primary and Lower Secondary Levels
    • Policy implementation
    • Curriculum Implementation

  • Masters in Education (English):

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    Masters in Applied Linguistics:

    Yu Min, Sabrina            A Corpus-based Study of Vocabulary in English Language Textbooks for senior high Schools in China