Sivakumaran s/o RAMALINGAM

Assistant Head/ALC (Tamil)

Asian Languages & Cultures (ALC)

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PhD (Nanyang Technological  University, Singapore) 
MA (Madras University, India)
BA (Madras University, India)


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Research Interests
Computational Tamil language, pedagogy, Spoken Tamil, Tamil literature & language, Teaching Tamil as a second Language & language assessment

  • Associate Professor A Ra Sivakumaran had 33 years of teaching experience in Primary and Secondary Schools, the Language Centre and in Junior Colleges. Moving on, he has been working in NIE for more than 22 years and has been serving as Head for the Tamil Language and Culture Division since 2008.

    Professional Contributions
    Assoc Prof Siva is one of the leading Educationists on Tamil Education in Singapore.

    He started off as a member of the Steering Committee for the Tamil Language Teaching for Primary schools in Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore and was subsequently appointed to be the Consultant of the committee.  Besides, he is also the Consultant for the GCE 'A' Level Tamil Language Syllabuses Steering Committee in MOE.

    His numerous professional appointments are testimonies to his prowess and intellect in Tamil Language. Apart from being Consultant to various Steering Committees, he is also a member of the sub-committee on teaching methodology and teacher training of the Tamil Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee and Moral Education Unit, CPDD, MOE Steering Committee; member of the Examination Syllabus Review Committee for 2016 GCE O-Level Higher Tamil Language Oral Examination where he gave valuable inputs.

     Assoc Prof Siva is also involved as a member of the 5th Tamil Language Curriculum Pedagogy Implementation Working Committee, Tamil Language Unit, MOE.  He has also contributed actively towards the Singapore Examination and Assessment Board and is a member of the Project Evaluation Committee for the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism Limited since 2012.

    Assoc Prof Siva is an Advisory Panel Member to the BA Tamil Language and Literature Programme at SIM University.   His books are being used as textbooks and reference books both in Singapore (UNISIM) and overseas institutions.

    Assoc Prof Siva has not only made an impact locally but also overseas. Since 2006, he has been the Overseas Consultant for Puducherry Communicative Forum, India. He is part of the International Tamil Internet Conference Team and is the Singapore Representative for the INFITT Executive Committee. Leveraging on his expertise, he has been sought as External Examiner for numerous PhD thesis by many overseas universities for more than 20 years. Apart from being invited as Endowment Lecturer in overseas universities, he has also attended and presented papers in countries, not limited to Tamil-speaking regions.  He has built a good rapport with the various Universities in several countries. He was interviewed by London Deepam, Television channel and by the Colombo Mirror website in the United Kingdom. He also gave an interview to television channels in India and Canada.

    In 2013, he was a visiting professor at the Madras University and has executed his job dutifully, creating an impact to the Tamil Language Department in the Madras University.

    He has initiated the inception of the BA Tamil programme in NIE, which has created new paths for the growth and development of Tamil in Singapore.

    Since 2013, he serves in the publishing editorial committee for the Journal of Modern Tamizh Research that is being published in Tamil Nadu. 

    Under his guidance, the Singapore Thirumurai Manadu (Tamil devotional literature conference) functions effectively, enriching Tamil and Saivam for the past 36 years. 

    Understanding the receding of the Tamil literary works by the Singapore Tamilians, Assoc Prof Siva organized a series of workshop, classes, Seminars in collaboration with National Arts Council and NIE, to overcome this shortcoming.  He invited an established writer from Tamil Nadu, Mr Jeyamohan who stayed in Singapore for two months and a local Singapore writer, Ms Kanaga Latha to hone the creative skills of the students.  The inaugural event took place in NIE Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group during the period 25 July 2016 to 24 Sep 2016.

  • 2018 

    Received the Kavimaalai Award (Excellence in Research Award)






    Received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award

    Received the 20 yrs Long Service Award (NTU)

    Received the 20 yrs Long Service Award (People Association)

    Received the “Gannia Semmal” Award

    Received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award






    Received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award

    Received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award

    Received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award

    Received the Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award

    Received the Tamizhar Thirunal Award