SOO Li Mei, Johannah


Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

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PhD, MEd, BCapSc(Hons), DipEd(Home Econs)


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Research Interests
consumer food science, sensory evaluation of food

  • Johannah Soo joined NIE in 2006. Before that, she taught Home Economics/Food and Nutrition in secondary schools since 1995.  Besides teachings, she is an active member of the Association of Home Economists, Singapore.  Her areas of interest are in Sensory Evaluation of Food and Consumer Food Science and perceptions evaluation.

    Academic Background
    • PhD, 2018, NTU/NIE 
    • Master of Education (Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation), 2010, NTU/NIE
    • Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Sciences (Honours Class 1), 2002, University of Otago, New Zealand
    • Diploma in Education (Home Economics), 1995, NTU/NIE
    Professional Organisations
    • Life member, Asian Regional Association for Home Economics (ARAHE)
    • Vice president, Association of Home Economists, Singapore (AHES)
    • International Federation of Home Economics
    • Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Gold Award, 2010
    • Bee Nilson Scholarships in Human Nutrition and Food Science, 2002
    • Novation Starch Challenge, Asia Pacific, 2000 - winner
    • AAQ104 Food and Society
    • AAQ201 Food Preparation and Management
    • AAQ204 Entrepreneurship for Family and Consumer Sciences
    • AAQ301 Food Science and Principles
    • AAQ302 Consumer Research Methods
    • AAQ304 Applied Nutrition
    • AAQ401 Individual Project with Industrial Attachment
    • DCX130/QCX521 Teaching of Food and Nutrition
    Research Interests
    • Consumer issues and perceptions
    • Evaluation and Measurements
    • Sensory evaluation
    Professional Activities
    • Vice-President, AHES (2012-2014)
    • Auditor, ARAHE (2009-2011)
    • Head/Logistic, Organising committee of 3rd NIE-AHES Home Economics Symposium (2010)
    • Chairperson, Organising committee of 2nd NIE-AHES Home Economics Symposium (2010)