Subramaniam RAMANATHAN

Associate Professor

Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

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Research Interests
chemistry education, physics education, primary science education, science communication, informal science education, ICT in education, creativity, STEM education, and science & technology developments in Singapore

    • Feb 2001 to Sep 2005: Assistant Professor (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University)
    • Oct 2005 to present: Associate Professor  (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University)
    • Associate Dean (Educational Research): Jul 2006-Oct 2007 (Graduate Programs & Research Office, NIE/NTU) (Concurrent appointment)
    • Associate Dean (Graduate Academic Programs): Oct 2007 -Dec 2008 (Graduate Programs & Research Office, NIE/NTU) (Concurrent appointment)

    Publications: 80 papers published in peer-reviewed international journals, 40 peer-reviewed chapters published in edited books of international publishers, and 6 books published by international publishers

    Selected memberships of editorial boards of international journals

    International Journal of Science Education (Routledge, UK)

    Journal of Research in Science Teaching (Wiley, USA)

    Selected professional affiliations

    Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)

    Institute of Physics (UK)

    National Association for Research in Science Teaching (USA)

    Singapore National Academy of Science

    Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science

    Council of Asian Science Editors (Korea)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
    • QCY 520: Teaching of Chemistry I
    • QCY 521: Teaching of Chemistry II
    • QCY 522: Teaching of Chemistry III
    Master of Education (Science)
    • MSC 881: Foundations of Science and Science Education
    • MSC 882: Research Methodologies in Science Education
    • MSC 886:  Assessment of Students' Alternative Conceptions and Conceptual Change
    Doctor in Education
    • NEDD 804: Conceptualizing and Writing the Research  Proposal
    In-service courses
    • INS 4402: Topics in Physical Science for Primary Science Teaching (Advanced Diploma in Primary Science)
    • INS 2008: Teaching of Physics through Misconceptions
    • INS 2132: Critical Thinking in Science Lessons
    • INS 2120: Use of Physics in Everyday Contexts for Teaching

  • 6 PhD students, 5 Master of Education students by research, and 7 Master of Education students by dissertation have graduated in various areas in science education

    PhD Students Graduated

    Dr Imelda Caleon
    (Physics Education)
    Dr Oon Pey Tee
    (Physics Education)
    Dr Nazir Amir
    (Design & Technology
    Dr Teh Yun Ling
    (Chemistry Education)
    Dr Seoh Kah Huat Robin  
    (Biology Education)
    Dr Adrian Loh Sin Loy
    (Chemistry Education)