Sabrina SUN He

Research Scientist

Office of Education Research (OER)

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Research Interests
Bilingual and Biliteracy Development, English Language and Mother Tongue Languages, Multimodality and Learning, New Media, Pre-school/Early Childhood Education

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    My research focus is on bilingual education for English and Mother Tongue Languages. I am interested in biliteracy learning and teaching with eBooks, and the relationship between bilingualism and psychological traits, such as social emotional well-being and temperament. These research interests stem from my studies in applied linguistics and the rising global trend of bilingual education when I was doing my PhD at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Before I came to work at NIE, I did some research and teaching there. I see that tremendous focus has been placed on bilingualism over the last decades. It piques my interest to find out how we can motivate children to develop both languages harmoniously and to explore whether bilingualism brings about long-term benefits.