TAN Hwee Phio Charlene

Associate Professor

Policy & Leadership Studies (PLS)

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  • BA (Hons), MA (Philosophy), PhD (Philosophy), National University of Singapore
  • MA (TESOL/Applied Linguistics), University of Leicester
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (History & English Language), Nanyang Technological University


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Research Interests
Philosophy of Education, Comparative Education, Chinese Philosophy and Education, Critical Thinking

  • Charlene TAN is an associate professor at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. A former high school teacher in Singapore, she has taught for close to two decades in a variety of education settings. Her research focuses on the philosophical and comparative aspects of education with a particular interest in Confucian education, education policy in China and Singapore, critical thinking, and Islamic/Muslim education. She has (co)authored 7 books and over one hundred refereed journal articles and book chapters. Her recent books include Learning from Shanghai: Lessons on Achieving Educational Success (Springer), Confucius (Bloomsbury) and Educational Policy Borrowing in China: Looking West or Looking East? (Routledge). She is currently researching high-performing educational systems in Asia.


    陈惠萍, 新加坡国立教育学院副教授, 研究生博士生导师,剑桥大学, 牛津大学和北京示范大学访问学者。新加坡国立大学哲学博士学位,莱斯特大学英语作为外语教学与应用语言学硕士学位,新加坡南洋理工大学教师教育专业文凭。从教约二十年,曾任高中教师,自2008年培训中国不同省市的教师和教育领袖。出版著作七本,发表论文一百余篇,主要从事教育哲学,比较教育, 教育政策及批判性思维的研究等。

    • NEDD 831: Values & Ethics for Leaders 
    • MEM 843: Philosophy of Education
    • MECE 806: 教育政策制定 (this course is 'Educational Policy Making' and is taught in Mandarin)
    • MEM 851: Key Issues in Education Policy
    • MEM 838: Ethics and Leadership
    • MEM 850: Interdisciplinary Thinking for Educational Leaders
    • QKS 54C: Knowledge Skills: Multidimensional Thinking Skills
    • AED 23C: Critical Reasoning Skills for Effective Teaching


    • Visiting Scholar, Centre for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong, 2017 
    • Visiting Scholar,  School of Educational Studies and Leadership, University of Canterbury, 2017
    • Visiting International Professor, Faculty of Education, Brock University, Canada, 2016.
    • Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award, National Institute of Education, 2011, 2015
    • Visiting Scholar, Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University, 2013
    • Visiting Fellow, Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University, 2012
    • Visiting Fellow, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, 2010
    • Visiting Scholar, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge, 2009
    • Visiting Research Associate, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford, 2009
    • Research Scholarship, National University of Singapore, 1994-1996, 2000-2002
    • Special Book Prize in Philosophy, National University of Singapore, 1993/1994
    • Dean’s List, National University of Singapore, 1992/1993