Tan Liang See

Senior Lecturer (Senior Research Scientist)

Assistant Dean, School Partnerships

Office of Education Research (OER)

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BA (Hons), M.Sc. in Education (Gifted Education), Ph.D.


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Research Interests
Curriculum Innovation, Differentiated Curriculum and Pedagogies, Goal Orientation, High Ability Studies, Motivation and Learning, Talent Development, Teacher Learning

  • Dr. Tan Liang See received Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University, and did her Master of Science in Education at Purdue University, United States. The focus of her research is motivational beliefs, goal orientations and student outcomes; cognitive and affective development of high ability learners, as well as talent development. Another line of her research interests is teaching and learning specifically in the area of differentiated curriculum and pedagogies. She is the Principal investigator and Co-Principal investigator for about $500 thousands research funding from Office of Educational Research (OER), National Institute of Education since 2009. These projects include projects on (1) Cultures and Leverages in Nurturing Adaptive Capacities; (2) Curriculum Innovation and the Nurturing of 21st Century Learners; (3) teacher efficacy; and (4) formal and informal learning environments.

    Dr. Tan Liang See taught pre-service, in-service courses in educational psychology (individual differences), and Master of Education with specilsation in High Ability Studies in the areas of understanding and providing for pupils with high ability in mainstream classrooms, differentiated instructions for high ability learners, and administering and evaluating programme for high ability learners. She also supervises practicum in regular classrooms and regular classooms with diverse learners. She interacts closely with the local and overseas educational communities as an advisor, speaker or consultant in the areas of programmes and curriculum design for high ability learners.

    Specialization: High Ability Studies / Gifted Education