TAN Swee Ngin

Associate Professor

Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE)

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BSc Ed, PhD


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Research Interests
electrochemistry, separation science, phytoremediation

  • I am trained as an electro-analytical chemist and have strong interest in working in inter-disciplinary research areas. My early research work has focused strongly on the development of electro-chemical sensing devices for different applications. Currently, my team is working on inter-disciplinary areas so as to support colleagues from other disciplines, e.g. engineers and defense science scientists. We hope to develop micro-devices for field based applications. Another multi-disciplinary area is in green chemistry area in which plants are used as “biological” mops to clean up the pollutants.

    Academic Background
    • BSc Ed (Hons), Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (1984)
    • PhD, Deakin University (1991)
    Professional Organisations
    • The  Royal Australian Chemical Institute (Associate Member)
    • The International Society of Electrochemistry (Member)
    • Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (Member)
    • Malaysian Chemical Institute Graduate Medal (1984)
    • AAY202 Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry
    • AAY301 Introductory Analytical Chemistry
    • AAY303 Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
    • AAY401 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
    • QUY522 Teaching of Chemistry III (Micro-teaching)
    • DSS101 Selected Topics for primary science teaching (Physical sciences)
    • MLS821 Biosensors: Theory and Applications
    Research Interests
    • Electrochemistry
    • Separation Science
    • Phytoremediation
    Research Grants
    1. 7/2009-present: Screen-Printed Microfluidic Platform With Pneumatic Micropumps and Microvalve for Synchronized Regeneration and Detection of Nerve Agent in Human Blood Samples (A*STAR, 960K)
      Other Collaborating parties: MAE-NTU, SIMTECH & DSO.
    2. Improving and monitoring the water quality in waterbodies in Gardens by the Bay and Bishan Park, NParks-PUB (400K) (Completed)
    3. BioMEMS for cells characterization
      External Grant: A*STAR ($1,8 million)
      Other collaborating parties, EEE-NTU & Department of Paediatrics, NUH, NUS (Completed)
    Professional Activities
    • Reviewer for journals, e.g. Journal of Chromatography A, Analytical Chimica Acta, Journal of Separation Science etc.
    • IUPAC Affiliate Coordinator
    • Judge for Greenwave Environmental Competition, Singapore Science & Engineering Fair