TAY Hui Yong

Senior Lecturer

Learning Sciences and Assessment (LSA)

Office Location

PhD (2011) Nanyang Technological University


Office Telephone Number

Research Interests
Authentic Assessments, Self-Regulated Learning

  • In the many years of serving in secondary schools prior to joining NIE in 2013, Dr Tay Hui Yong was variously English and Literature teacher, HOD (EL), Dean (Curriculum) and Vice Principal.
    Her research interests grew out of her line of work: her MEd thesis looked into role conflict experienced by HODs; her PhD focused on self-regulated learning and authentic assessment, important areas to her as driver of the Integrated Programme in her school. Her recent areas of study focus on Assessment Leadership and Assessment for Learning (e.g., feedback) and how they can best serve different learners.

  • MCT923 Assessment Leadership

    MLS037 Assessment Leadership

    TLP2 Assessment Leadership

    ICT0324 Nurturing Self-Regulated Learners through Assessment Practices

    ICT6008 Theories & Perspectives of Assessment & Learning (as part of Certificate in Educational Assessment)

    IER009 Assessment for Students with Special Educational Needs (Basic)

    IER0013 Assessment for Students with Special Educational Needs (Advanced)