WONG Meng Ee

Associate Professor

Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)

Office Location

Ph.D. (University of Cambridge) BA Hons. (University of Stirling)


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Research Interests
Assistive technology, Disability sociology, Families and support groups, Teacher education – special education teachers and paraprofessionals, Transition and support for learners with visual impairments

  • Assoc Prof Wong Meng Ee currently teaches courses in special education in the Master of Education programme as well as in the Diploma in Special Education programme. He coordinates the Group Endeavors in Service Learning; and co-coordinates the Programme in Teachers trained in Special Needs. Assoc Prof Wong's research interests include the transition and post-school outcomes of students with disabilities; teachers and their relationships with families, schools and communities; issues relating to persons with visual impairments and their developments; education of teachers of children with special needs; social policy and disability; assistive technology.

  • Special Needs

  • Human Development; Special Education; Educational Psychology; Disability Studies; Social Policy; Assistive Technology; Home School Partnerships; Working with the Community

  • SG Enable; iC2PrepHouse, Retinitis Pigmentosa Society Singapore, SPD Services Committee; ASEAN ParaGames Steering Committee. 

  • MSE809: Human Development

    NED 100: Introduction to Special Education

    NED 101: Theories and Applications in Teaching and Learning 

    NCS 110: Communication and Collaboration for Special School Teachers

    NCS 121: Motor and Sensory Difficulties

  • Ph.D.:

    Kim Hui Yun, Celine

    Dissertation: Inclusive Education in Singapore: A narrative inquiry of experiences of special educators in mainstream schools.

    Expected Graduation: January 2020


    Joanna Tay-Lim Kim Hoon

    Dissertation: Exploring School Features Impacting the Emotional Well-Being of Primary-Aged Children.

    Expected Graduation: July 2017


     Wang Li-Sa

    Dissertation: Hearing Parent, Deaf Child: Journeying Towards Communication  Competency as a Family in Singapore

    Expected Graduation: January 2022

  • 2002 President’s Social Service Award

    2002 Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled Sportsman of the Year Award