WONG Yew Leong


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Office Location

MA (1999) National University of Singapore


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Research Interests
Critical thinking, design thinking, Ethical reasoning, Inventive thinking, Philosophy of Education, the ethics of design and its implications for education

  • Yew Leong is a lecturer with the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group. He teaches in a number of programmes at NIE, including pre-service and undergraduate programmes, the Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching) programme, the Leaders in Education Programme, and the Management and Leadership in Schools Programme. Yew Leong conducts a number of design thinking workshops and courses for schools throughout the year; he currently acts as a consultant to some schools who are interested in integrating design thinking into their curriculum. Yew Leong has also worked with UNESCO (Bangkok) to develop a design thinking toolkit for educators in Asia.

    Yew Leong has had a varied working career. Prior to joining NIE, he had taught at two local universities and a junior college; he had also written for TV, children's magazines, and literary periodicals, as well as worked as a general manager in a local SME, a communications analyst in an international consulting firm, and a hamper packer.

  • Initial Teacher Preparation Courses
    AED18A Curriculum Design
    AED 18B Inventive Thinking: Concept, Practice, and Instruction
    QKS522 Knowledge Skills: Project Work

    Higher Degree Courses
    MCT803 Crafting the Curriculum: From Theory to Practice

    Leadership Programmes
    LEP206 Design Thinking: Innovation and Values
    MLS001 Curriculum Making: From Design to Implementation
    MLS034 Design Thinking: Developing 21st Century Skills and Competencies