WONG Yuen Fun Isabella

Associate Professor

Psychological Studies (PS)

Office Location

PhD (Nanyang Technological University)
MEd (The University of Georgia)
BA in Psychology (summa cum laude)
Specialist Dip in Pastoral Care & Career Guidance (Nanyang Technological University)
CertEd (Institute of Education)


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Research Interests
Cognitive Coaching, Complexity Theories Applied To Adult And Higher Education, Innovative Pedagogies, Learner-Centered Mentoring, Positive Psychology In Educational Contexts, Social-Emotional Learning And Prosocial Education, Teacher Emotions, Psycho-Educational Interventions In School Settings, Teacher Professional Development

  • Associate Professor Isabella Wong from the Psychological Studies Academic Group has extensive experience as a school psychologist, school counsellor, and educator in a range of educational settings locally and abroad. She was a recipient of the NTU Research Scholarship (PhD) the AARE/NZARE Scholars Travel award, and the NIE-NTU Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr Wong is also listed in Marquis’s Who’s Who in the World and is a member of the International Association of Cognitive Educational Psychology.