ZHANG Aidong 张爱东

Senior Lecturer

Asian Languages & Cultures (ALC)

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PhD from University of Toronto, Canada
Master of Arts, Renmin University of China & McGill University, Canada
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language &Literature), Renmin University of China


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Research Interests
Classical Chinese Literature; Chinese Poetics; Comparative Literature; Effective Teaching

  • Dr Zhang Aidong has been teaching at the Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) Academic Group, National Institute of Education since 1996 after attaining her PhD from the University of Toronto (Canada). She is currently the Programme Leader for the Diploma programme in Chinese Language and Culture division and Convener for the ALC Lunch-time Seminar Series.

    Dr Zhang specializes in the areas of Modern Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature, and Chinese Language and Culture. Her current research covers Classical Chinese Literature, Chinese Poetics, and Comparative Literature, as well as Effective Teaching.

    Dr Zhang has served in the editorial board of international book series: The Masterpiece Series of Chinese Culture, (China), as well as international academic journals. She has published in academic journals in USA, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore; authored and edited books by established publishers. She has been invited as a keynote speaker for academic summit and international conferences.

    Tapping on her expertise, Dr Zhang has been invited to conduct workshops and seminars on topics of Chinese Literature, culture and literary theories for Chinese universities overseas and school clusters in Singapore.



    Received theKoh Boon Hwee Scholars Honoured Faculty Award


    Received theNIE Excellence in TeachingCommendation Award


    Received the NIE Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award


    Received the NIE Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award