Development of commercially viable Si hetero-junction solar cells via advanced plasma technologies

Project Number
A*STAR-Devt Si hetero-junctn solar cells

Project Duration
August 2012 - August 2015


The scope of this research project is the quest for deterministic plasma-aided fabrication of high-efficiency amorphous/j.Jc-Si based HIT solar cells -sources of renewable green energy wherein solar light energy is converted into electrical energy- and internationally competitive, commercially viable fabrication processes therefore. The solar cells will have a HIT structure and will be made using amorphous/microcrystalline silicon film materials combined with bulk silicon by the aid of proprietary advanced high density, low-ion energy plasma-based passivation processes. The new technology is expected to significantly improve the quality, performance and thermal stability of PV industry­ grade materials and will make it possible to scale-up HIT solar cells, and increase the power efficiency above the existing commercial standards.

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