Integrated Physics & Math e-Learning

Project Number
AFD 01/15 TUX

Project Duration
September 2015 - March 2019


With the increasing workload and recent news that Singapore teachers’ workload is one of the highest in the world, this proposal intends to utilize the change in students’ lifestyles to reduce teachers’ workload. One of the changes that is being observed is the influence of technology advancement. With the advancement in technology, equipment like laptops, tablets and smartphones are part of the students’ lives. Hence, an e-learning program is proposed. The idea of this e-learning program is to utilize the advancement in technology among students’ lives to enhance their education. One key advantage of e-learning is that each student can study at their own pace, which is not possible in a physical classroom setting. Also, the program can be set such that it ensures the students have understood the basic concepts before moving on to another concept. This is achieved by designing various components of e-learning to ensure a meaningful learning experience. Online modules are proposed to be used to supplement “A” level subjects as topics like Newtonian Mechanics are taught as early as 21 months before the “A” level examinations. This will reduce the workload of the teachers as the “A” level schedule is such that revision is required. In addition, there is a long break between the end of students’ JC education and start of their University education. Such a proposed program is also useful for students to prepare for their University education and refresh the concepts that they may have forgotten due to the long break. Another issue that is currently surfacing in Singapore is that a number of students have the tendency to study for the sake of taking exams. This results in them viewing various subjects individually and distinctly, which is not ideal because there is no clear distinction between subjects when dealing with real-life problems. For example, a number of students tend to view Physics and Math as individual subjects. They view Math as only formulae without applications, which result in them losing interest as they are unable to appreciate the vast number of applications that it can be applied to. In addition, it has been observed that a number of students are able to solve the Math portion during Math lessons, but are unable to evaluate similar Math questions during Physics lessons. Hence, this proposal proposes an integrated Physics and Math e-learning. This e-learning program aims to help students establish linkage between the two subjects on top of helping them in their “A” level examination revision. In order to achieve the learning objective of the students being able to appreciate the linkage between the two mentioned subjects, the syllabus is planned such that Physics is used as an application of Math.

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