Knowledge Construction in Networked Learning Communities in One Portal All Learners (OPAL)

Project Number
AFD 03/14 SR

Project Duration
November 2014 - October 2018


The aim of this 2.5 years project is to develop an implementation framework for knowledge construction in the Networked Learning Communities (NLC) in OPAL, by leveraging on the experiences of members of OPAL’s NLCs. This is part of the broader OPAL project review previously approved at the Ministry of Education (MOE) Directors’ Meeting chaired by Permanent Secretary of Education, on 13 April 2011. In this project, we explore the on-going learning activities within 10 communities. In each community, we look specifically at the interactions and knowledge construction, and how the online roles of the members shape their interactions. We are proposing a qualitative approach for this project, ranging from content analysis of online discussions to focus group discussions. The proposed project aims to contribute to new understanding of professional learning taking place within online communities in OPAL, and to inform the future direction of our professional learning initiatives within the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST). This project seeks to develop an implementation framework for knowledge construction in NLCs in OPAL.

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