A Two-Tiered Approach to Supporting Pupils with Reading Difficulties in P3 Mainstream Classrooms

Project Number
AFR 02/14 TCS

Project Duration
June 2014 - March 2019


The Learning Support Programme caters to pupils in P1 and P2, but some pupils in the programme continue to require reading support beyond P2. There are also pupils who are not in LSP and despite showing inadequate reading progress at the end of P2, they do not receive any reading support. This study addresses this gap by systematically screening all P2 pupils to identify weak readers and uses a two-tiered approach to improve their reading ability. A peer tutoring programme will be adopted as a Tier 1 strategy in the classroom. Tier 2 interventions will be designed to support weak readers using an academic problem-solving approach. This process will be implemented in two schools and evaluated based on pupils’ reading abilities and self-perception as readers, teacher efficacy in supporting weak readers and acquisition of knowledge and skills in academic problem-solving among teachers. A manual with information on the two-tiered approach and a manual for training teachers will be developed.

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