Re-designing NIE’s Research Project Data Use and Management: Building Research Resources, Enhancing Research Ethics and Improving Research Practices

Project Number
DEV 01/14 RS

Project Duration
June 2014 - March 2016


This project is a proof-of-concept study that aims to build a conventional research dataset into an accessible secondary analysis data archive with an indexed database, along with recommendations for attendant changes to institutional processes and research practices. The Core 2 dataset represents substantial funding into examining teaching and learning in nationally representative Singapore classrooms. Containing surveys, video data, assessment artefacts, and teacher interviews, the dataset exemplifies a range of methodological and theoretical considerations that can be valuable for the secondary analyses of quantitative and qualitative data. The objectives therefore are to build the Core 2 dataset into a NIE-wide research resource, enhance protocols for secondary analysis, improve existing research practices to facilitate responsible data management and sharing, provide a model for other projects intending to convert their data for secondary analysis, and a detailed analysis of challenges and potentials of re-using project data for secondary analysis and teaching purposes.

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