Using Video Cases to Teach Classroom Management

Project Number
DEV 01/15 AW

Project Duration
January 2016 - December 2018


The aim of this development project is to investigate the use of web-based video cases to support our student teachers (STs) in their acquisition of classroom-management (CM) knowledge and skills, with a view towards developing their problem-solving skills. Managing a class can be a challenging task for STs who need to acquire this skill in a short span of time during their initial teacher preparation at NIE. Traditionally, LST AG has been teaching CM courses using text cases. STs analyse these cases to develop their capacity to solve various CM issues. The challenge with text cases is that they are not sufficiently stimulating and authentic as compared to a face-to-face classroom experience. Although immersing STs in actual classroom settings during teaching practicum is an ideal solution, it is impossible to have STs experience different classroom environments during a single practicum session due to logistics and scheduling issues. Moreover, it is difficult to guarantee that during practicum, they will have the opportunity to examine these issues and their implications on classroom environment and learning in depth. In the recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in video-based online learning in the education sector. Our proposal is to build on the positive response to our pilot SUG developmental project which produced a web-based video case to be trialed in the August 2015 semester. We aim to produce more video cases covering a diverse range of CM issues to expose our STs to different classroom situations, thus enhancing their learning of CM. The use of web-based video cases will also enable our STs to collaboratively reflect and develop multiple perspectives and a range of problem-solving strategies via asynchronous online discussions. Experts and experienced teachers can also contribute to their learning as members of this online community of practice. Furthermore, web-based video cases are accessible anytime and anywhere with the capability of being replayed and rewound. It will also allow a more technology-enabled constructivist and collaborative learning pedagogy. Such modes of peer learning will have positive impact on student achievement, motivation and satisfaction. It affords opportunities for flipped or blended learning so that classroom time can be used more productively to discuss difficult CM issues and perspectives. In short, the use of video cases will allow our student teachers to experience different classroom environments before they embark on their practicum so that they are better prepared to handle real classroom scenarios. Furthermore, these video cases can be used by the faculty members for other illustrative purposes, such as in methods classes. Case study methodology will be used. The data will include an online discussion log and responses from an online survey and interviews. The online discussion log data will provide in-depth and rich accounts of participant interactions and their learning. Participants’ responses obtained through the survey and interviews will be triangulated with the quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the discussion log. This project will span 2 years, with the video cases being produced in the first year. The data collection and analysis will be done in the second year. The deliverables of this project are: • Six to eight video cases • Online platform for viewing and online discussion of video cases, and access to relevant resources • An Instructor’s Guide to accompany the video case for use by instructors teaching the course • Professional development sessions for instructors using these video cases • At least two conference papers to be presented in relevant local/international conferences • At least two peer-reviewed papers will be published in international journals

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