Improving Disciplinary Literacy by Developing Vocabulary and Grammatical Profiles

Project Number
DEV 01/16 CGG

Project Duration
July 2016 - February 2019


This project involves the analysis of a principled corpus of a wide range of textbooks used in Singapore classrooms across different disciplines and year levels. This data will constitute a (temporary) corpus that will be used to create profiles of the representative vocabulary and grammatical patterns of the subject areas in Singapore schools. Using this information, the goal is to improve disciplinary literacy by producing list and curriculum material containing the key grammar, lexis, and discourse that students encounter as they progress over their school years, and consequently need to master. Disciplinary Literacy involves developing a student’s knowledge of the linguistic patterns in which the important concepts in a field of study are presented. Further, the goal of this research project is to describe language across the different disciplines, which has not been done from using a data-mining approach previously.

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